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Top Resume Tips

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

July 27, 2016

Everyone wants their resumes to land in the “Yes” pile. But how can you achieve this? You need to optimize your resume so it really sells you to future employers. Coupled with patience and persistence, a strong resume will be your best asset as you navigate your job search. Here are some tips to help you make sure your resume is top­ notch.


Would you prefer to read something on a single spaced page or a double spaced page? Probably double spaced. Before you even know what the content is, you’ve developed a preference for the one that’s easier to read. At a glance (and we all know that’s just about the amount of screen time resumes get), your resume needs to be clean, crisp, and easy to follow. Make sure the formatting presents your content in the best light.



Numbers often speak louder than words. Wherever there’s a possibility to quantify an accomplishment, do it. Spend some time thinking about how you can quantify achievements you may not have associated with a numerical number. For example, if one of your job responsibilities was to organize and plan an annual conference, think about: the number of people who attended the conference, the number of vendors you coordinated with, the number of people you worked with to plan the event, etc. Quantifying achievements can apply to any role, not just the sales manager who increased revenue by 70%.


Your resume will stand out if it’s different from the rest. How can you make it different?  By sounding like yourself. Chances are you wouldn’t describe yourself as bland and generic, so why present yourself that way? Tell stories about yourself through your objectives and achievements, and don’t be afraid to make your resume longer to accomplish this. Another way to add personality to your resume is to list your personal interests at the end (rock climbing, collecting records, traveling, etc). Need help defining your personality? Start thinking about your personal brand.

Make it clickable

Hyperlink examples of relevant work directly into your resume. If you’ve published articles online, include a section devoted to writing samples with each article title clickable to the source. If you have work in an an online portfolio you’d like to showcase, link directly back to the specific piece. Make it easy for a potential employer to see examples of your work without having to leave your resume (and be sure you’re saving your resume as a PDF!).

Get Another Opinion

It can really help to get another set of eyes on your resume. Whether it’s a friend, family member or even a professional, you should have someone scrutinize your resume. You want to choose someone who can look critically at how you’re presenting yourself and see if there is any missing information, errors or typos.

You’re not done yet…

Submitting resumes is just the beginning of a job application. Now’s the time to do the work that will really land you a job: networking. Scan your contact list and connections and make sure your resume gets in the hands of a person who can help you. It’s best to think of your resume as incomplete until it’s made contact with at least one person who is somehow connected to the position you’re applying for. After all, the best thing you can do for your resume is to get it seen

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