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How to Get A Job At Snapchat According to Insiders

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Snapchat has become famous thanks to its playful filters and real-time engagement. For brands, it has turned into a very appealing and lucrative platform for targeting its more than 100 million daily active users. Snapchat even forced Facebook to step up its offerings prompting them to release Instagram Stories.

But what is it like to work for the mobile-focused marketing master? Is scoring a job at Snapchat as engaging as adding a floral headpiece to a selfie?

To get an insider’s look at the company, we turned to real employees and job candidates. Here’s what they had to say:

The interview for a content analyst:
“It was about a month and a half process. I was first asked to do the SnapStory challenge and create a story within a 24 hour period. That advanced me to the phone interview which I thought was very pleasant and engaging, and the questions were very manageable. [Questions Snapchat asked me]: Who is your favorite story teller? (producer, director, author) What was a favorite recent story? Least favorite story and why? Tell me about you non-resume self? What is a story that you have not seen that you would like to see? What is your favorite movie? (offer more than one) Why did you want to get into a creative role? What are your career goals?”

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The interview for a lens concept designer:
“A recruiter from the California office reached out to describe the open position. After speaking with him, a Skype interview was setup with the design team overseas. I had to do a few test designs and after this process I was flown in for an in-person interview in NY. Spoke with 6 people and the interview lasted 2 hours. There was a vague closing and was not sure what the next process was, but then received an email the following week from the original recruiter saying I didn’t get the job. Slow and a bit scattered at times, but everyone was friendly and super helpful in the process.”

Improved perks:
“Snapchat has upgraded their benefits for 2016 — and they are AWESOME! 401K Plan: Snapchat offers a retirement savings plan through Transamerica that allows you to save for your retirement on a pre-tax or after-tax basis. Snapchat matches both your pre-tax and/or Roth elective contributions, dollar for dollar, up to 3% of pay and 50 cents for each additional dollar between 3% and 5% of eligible pay. The match is immediately vested. Vacation: Employees accrue 15 days of vacation per year. You can rollover your unused vacation to the next year (maximum 240 hours). Healthcare: On a national basis, we offer an Anthem Blue Cross PPO 500 program for free (for yourself and eligible dependents). Free Food: At our Venice HQ we’ve got an amazing chef who prepares delicious lunches and dinners (even the broccoli tastes good…for real). Elsewhere, we’ve got hookups with local restaurants to keep you nourished! Other: – Phone Stipend: Snapchat gives you $75 per month on a tax-free basis to help out with your mobile bill. – Yoga, Fitness, Team Retreats”

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Drawbacks of fast growth according to a product designer:
“Expanding constantly, campus scattered throughout LA. Hard to meet people outside of your team and those you interface with for work (although bi-weekly council helps a lot with this)”

Fast-paced, hard-work culture according to a content moderator:
“There is a cool and very open environment which enables you to collaborate well with your coworkers. The people are fun to work with, and the perks are great. The hours were very random, and sometimes ran from midnight until 6am, or 6am until noon.”

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You have to be scrappy says a sales team member:
“Snapchat NYC is a blast. In less than a year, the office has grown immensely. You won’t find any bean bag chairs or ball pits here like at other startups, but you will find a small, scrappy group of enthusiastic folks building a vibrant team in New York. If you work hard and seek out new ways to help your team, there’s a ton of potential to move up and even take on new responsibilities within the company (even in Snapchat’s LA headquarters). We’re growing fast! The NYC team is super high-energy, so it’s always fun and maybe even sometimes enlightening.”


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