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How To Get A Job At Tesla, According to Insiders

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Tesla founder CEO Elon Musk famously said, “we jokingly call Apple the ‘Tesla Graveyard.’ If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding.” Talk about a confident CEO. If the world’s leading computer company is a “graveyard” compared to Musk’s company, Tesla must be an amazing place to work. Right?

“People who work for Tesla are immersed with, not the car or the ‘I work for a sexy company’ status, but with the meaning it carries: Tesla’s mission statement,” said Victoria Danahy, product specialist at Tesla. “‘Accelerate the transition of sustainable transportation’ isn’t taken lightly when it comes to the dedicated employees Tesla hires.”

So what’s it like to actually clock in and clock out at Tesla Motors? And how the heck do you get to produce the coolest cars on the street? We turned to Glassdoor reviews to gain insider insights into one of the most interesting places to work.

“Tesla is far and away the most exciting place to be at the moment. Your work is meaningful, your managers listen to you, and you get access to information and people that make every day a joy. You get access to problems way above your pay grade, and you’re encouraged to try things that might not always work. This comes with a cost though, as a lack of formality means you fend for yourself a lot. You do work yourself where a few extra hands would go a long way, and you’ll spend way too much time waiting for people in meetings.” Current employee

“With other tech companies, you can’t get work done as quickly and implement solutions because of the structure. Tesla still has a start-up culture which is very fast paced. The work is extremely exciting and you are surrounded by people who want to change the world and get the world’s best cars to customers. At the Gigafactory, all of the interns knew each other and went to Lake Tahoe or explored Reno every weekend. I think it goes without saying that at Tesla you will not be treated like an intern. You will be treated like one of the team and I would say that I was even treated like family. If you are looking to work 40 hours per week, Tesla is not for you. Also, Tesla wants to provide affordable cars and sometimes those savings mean less resources for employees.” Former Gigafactory intern

“[The] interview process was pretty simple. I followed up on my application through the phone. The next day, a recruiter reached out to me through email asking when would be a good time for a phone interview. The phone interview will help you to get to know more about the role and if you are a fit for the company. Three days after that, I received an email confirming my in-store interview with the manager. They performed a background check and [I] received an offer through the phone [in] the next 8 days. Questions they asked me in my interview were: Why Tesla? What is your background? How would you sell something to someone that always says no?” Current product specialist

“I started out by reaching out to a recruiter on LinkedIn and had an interview a few days later. That was step 1.
Step 2-4: Meet with store manager, owner-advisor and a [employee] transitioning [from] product specialist to an owner-advisor.
Step 5: Phone call with regional manager.
Step 6: A FaceTime interview with another store manager.
Step 7: Phone call with a recruiter for the final offer and details.
This process was long, about a month, but if you show genuine interest in the company it will go well. Know your stuff and care about Tesla’s goals. Overall, everyone I talked [with] was very nice and personable, and I was never nervous about needing to impress.” Current product specialist

“The typical Tesla Motors Mechanical Engineer salary is $96,979. Mechanical Engineer salaries at Tesla Motors can range from $78,234 – $130,390. This estimate is based upon 54 Tesla Motors Mechanical Engineer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Mechanical Engineer at Tesla Motors can expect to make an average total pay of $101,783.”According to 54 Tesla salary reports

“After applying online, I didn’t hear back for about a week, but once I did everything moved really quickly. I had 3 different phone conversations and then was asked to come for an on-site interview within the first few days of them reaching out. The on-site interview lasted about 4 hours and was followed up a few days later by a phone call with the manager, which was followed by a call with one of the recruiters I’d be working with. All of the feedback was positive throughout the process, I was told I was a perfect fit for the position that they were hiring for immediately.

After a few days, I got a call from the manager offering me the position and scheduling a call with me first thing the next week to talk compensation. When the call finally happened (it kept getting rescheduled), the manager told me that he no longer could offer me the job, and that his manager said they couldn’t add any members to his team at that point in time. Imagine my confusion hearing this after 1. being told they were looking to immediately fill the position 2. getting offered the job by the manager. The phone call concluded with the manager telling me they’d “let me know” when they could bring someone else on, but they couldn’t give any sort of timeline. Two months later and multiple follow up emails regarding the status position, I’ve all but given up on the promise that I would be coming on for this position.

The entire process seemed very haphazard and unorganized and the manager was super unprofessional when all was said and done.” Current recruiting coordinator


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