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Nanostuffs Technologies
Junior IOS Developer was asked...August 9, 2016

First round : 1. If you have int array, how you will sum of that in objective c? 2. If you have string containing too many html tags, how you will remove that tags from string? Second round : 1. What is apns 2. why we share data on social site 3. what is gps 4. how to get distance between 2 location 5. knowledge in swift 6. what is delegate 7. diff between json and xml 8. what is storyboard 9. which controller has delegate.

3 Answers

There is no swift 6 yet, recently they have announced version swift 4.2

and also your apptitude its not swift 6 its 6th ques .



what is playground in ios?

2 Answers

I don't know

Playground is a place to test and and execute your swift code without need to create a complete app Less

How to sort the array of unsorted integers

1 Answers

I implemented the bubble sort in Objective-C

Octal Info Solution

Basic questions like ViewController, MVC, Delegate vs Notification, ARC.

1 Answers

Basic iOS questions everyone should know.

Difference between delegate and notification

1 Answers

Delegate is one to many and notification is many to many

Mimi Hearing Technologies

What is the difference between git rebase and git merge?

1 Answers

I'm not familiar with git itself, so I couldn't answer, but the interviewer explained the difference for me. Less


When do you live?? Can you work remotely

1 Answers



What are generics in Swift? In/out parameters.

1 Answers

As best as I could.

Where do you yourself in 10 years

1 Answers

I see myself being a CEO of my startup company


Difference between a class and an object

1 Answers

Class is the collection of objects and object is instant by the class

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