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I was given a logic question where you have 5 balls. One of the balls is heavier than the others. What's the fewest number of times you have to compare weights to figure out which ball is heavier.

4 Answers

I believe the answer was e. I think I decided on three.

If "the fewest number" is the minimum, you have to compare 4 time: ie: 1vs2 ball 1 compare ball 2 1vs2, 2vs3, 3vs4, 4vs5 This solution is if you have to compare ball 1 by 1. Otherwise, they may have other solutions...

three pick any two and compare then with any other two if equal weight then the fifth ball is the one else take the heavier lot and compare the two ball if equal weight then the fifth ball is the one otherwise comparethe heavier ball with the fifth ball

Create a table rotation with MySQL.

1 Answer

Write a SQL statement to construct this table with these options.

1 Answer

link two tables together in MySQL.

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How has your life not met your adolsence expectation ?

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Write a loop that takes POST data and creates dynamic variables on the fly.

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None were too terribly difficult. The unexpected question was 'Do you have reliable transportation'?

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They'll put you in a room to answer questions pertaining to the position. However, there staff are .NET programmers trying to learn Magento. The questions they're asking is to help their team deal with existing problems with their code; they have no intention hiring you. You're brought into the process for "intelligence gathering", to solve existing issues for the mess they coded.

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What do you do to prevent sql injection on the server side?

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How do you treat a name in the request object safely for return to the client?

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