Document Controller Job Description

What is a Document Controller?

A document controller is responsible for all of the documents and processes in a company. They ensure that the architecture of a company is set up so that everything will be documented correctly. A few of the main duties of a document controller are updating crucial procedures, ensure all documents are accessible, communicating with auditors, and organizing documents. They also have to find a proper place to store documents. Some of the jobs titles that a document controller could grow into are director of operations or operations manager.

A document controller should have at least 4 years of experience in operations as well as a bachelor's degree in business management or supply chain. One of the most important skills that a document controller will have is their ability to document everything. Another skill is organization as the document controller will need to make sure that all documents are organized.

Document Controller Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Document Controller

  • Create systems to manage company documents
  • Ensure that all documents are up to date
  • Conduct company audits to ensure documents are being followed
  • Work with auditors to maintain ISO status
  • Train employees on how to use and access the documents
  • Develop procedures so that they are standardized
  • Communicate and collaborate with project managers
  • Follow company procedures

Qualifications for Document Controller

  • Bachelor's degree in business or supply chain
  • Very detail oriented
  • Ability to analyze data and come to conclusions
  • Great time management skills
  • Ability to follow procedures exactly
  • Incredible organizational skills
  • Microsoft office suite skills
  • Can work independently without much guidance
  • Ability to communicate with team

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