Shift Leader Job Description

What is a Shift Leader?

Shift leaders are commonly found in restaurants or other sales positions. Shift leaders work to assist other employees with their daily responsibilities and see that company goals are met. Additionally, shift leaders have an important role in customer service, as they ensure a positive experience through training and overseeing operations are run at company standards. Shift leaders generally have a firm understanding of company culture and policy as they are usually promoted from within the company and have prior experience working in the roles of those they manage.

Shift leaders usually have at least a high school education or GED. If a shift leader works in the food industry, certification in a food safety course is necessary. Experience in the field they are employed is essential, as they are responsible for managing employees and their daily interactions with customers. Leadership skills and attention to detail are common attributes found in an effective shift leader.

Shift Leader Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Shift Leader

  • Establish daily accountability for registers by ensuring each register is properly funded the correct amount of cash and close out each register to ensure all funds are accounted for
  • Create a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for employees, bearing in mind holidays and times of high volume for the business
  • Monitor and supervise the timely arrival of scheduled employees, be aware of unforeseen challenges like scheduling conflicts and see to it the business is adequately staffed
  • Establish task for employees to ensure a clean workplace, this includes stocking supplies and maintaining clean restrooms and public spaces
  • Address customer concerns in reference to products, services rendered or employee interactions
  • Actively seek to resolve any concerns while adhering to the company policy and standards of behavior
  • Ensure proper approval for customer discounts, returns and exchanges while providing customer satisfaction and positive interaction with the company
  • Train new employees on the policy and procedures of the company, from personal appearance to how to handle a negative customer experience

Qualifications for Shift Leader

  • A high school diploma or GED certificate is preferred
  • Food handling certification and experience is preferred in for service industry positions
  • Ability to properly assess a situation quickly while keeping a professional and calm demeanor
  • Experience managing wait staff in a fast-paced food service environment
  • Support a positive teamwork environment that proactively keeps other employees productive and customers happy
  • Ability to work for long periods of time on your feet and in a physically demanding environment
  • Leadership and team building skills are essential as working with a diverse group is an important function of the position
  • Knowledge of company software and the ability to troubleshoot common computer-related issues is preferred
  • Ability to effectively prioritize challenges and concerns as well as facilitating a positive experience for other employees and customers

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