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Glassdoor Study Finds Nearly Half of Open Jobs at Tech Companies Are Non-Technical Roles

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Last Updated July 18, 2018

Major tech companies like Facebook, Google and Salesforce have long been known as incredible places to work. Who wouldn’t want the trendy perks and workspaces that they offer, on top of the ability to perform meaningful work that impacts millions — perhaps even billions — of people? Despite their stellar reputations, though, many job seekers without a background in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) rule tech companies out from the beginning. After all, companies like that pretty much only hire coders and data crunchers, right?

According to new Glassdoor research, the idea that tech companies only hire technical employees is an outdated misconception. After sifting through all of the open position at tech companies on Glassdoor today, we found that 43 percent, or 53,000, of their positions are non-technical roles.

Where You Apply Matters

While 57 percent of open roles at tech companies overall are technical positions, the number varies widely from company to company.

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The employers with the most non-technical roles included:

  • Workday: 72 percent non-tech roles
  • Salesforce: 59 percent non-tech roles
  • Verizon: 55 percent non-tech roles
  • IBM: 54 percent non-tech roles
  • Uber: 50 percent non-tech roles

Which Jobs Are Available?

If tech companies aren’t just hiring for software engineers and data scientists, what are they hiring for? We took a look at some of the most common non-tech job titles available:

1. Account Executive

Open Jobs at Tech Companies: 1,713

Average Salary at Tech Companies: $60,800

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2. Project Manager

Open Jobs at Tech Companies: 1,192

Average Salary at Tech Companies: $84,900

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3. Sales Representative

Open Jobs at Tech Companies: 1,073

Average Salary at Tech Companies: $55,500

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4. Operations Manager

Open Jobs at Tech Companies: 930

Average Salary at Tech Companies: $80,000

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5. Account Manager

Open Jobs at Tech Companies: 914

Average Salary at Tech Companies: $69,800

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If you don’t see a role here that’s right for you, though, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one available. The top 10 most common non-tech jobs at tech companies only account for about 18 percent of all open non-tech jobs, which “suggests there are open non-tech positions available in a multitude of different roles,” said Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell. “Rather than being concentrated in a few distinct roles, a job seeker looking to work in tech can find jobs spread across many different titles.”

Although non-technical roles do tend to pay less than technical roles — about $50,000-$90,000 compared to $80,000-$120,000, respectively — non-tech jobs paying six figures is not unheard of. This is especially the case for specialized departments like legal, and management roles in marketing, finance and strategy.

If you’ve been thinking about the tech industry for a while but have held off due to a lack of technical skills, don’t worry. There are plenty of non-technical positions available for you to choose from — many of them high-paying as well. So touch up that resume, iron your interview outfit and start applying!

For more information, read the full Glassdoor Research report here.

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