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Glassdoor Introduces On-the-Job-Training Finder

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

April 24, 2015

With 8.6 million Americans unemployed, finding work is still a challenge. In fact, last year, President Obama said America needs a better “job training system” to help people learn the right skills, in order to fill the jobs employers need. To help, Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting marketplace, has unveiled On-the-Job Training Finder, a new interactive job search mapping tool, allowing people to find on-the-job training (OJT) career opportunities, such as apprenticeships and trainee positions. These OJT opportunities allow people to learn new skills, or start an entirely new career, while getting paid. SearchJobs Search for Jobs Offering On-the-Job Training To start finding new opportunities, all job seekers have to do is visit the interactive map, search by specific city, and they’ll instantly see how many OJT opportunities are currently available in each city. This makes it easier to search for trainee positions near home or within a reasonable driving distance. Upon clicking a specific city, job seekers will see current OJT openings for that city, including the company hiring for each OJT role with details on requirements and how to apply. For instance, if you’re interested in on-the-job training jobs in Chicago, you can zoom into the region on the map and see that there are currently 305 open positions: OntheJobTrainingChicago By using this new tool, job seekers will easily be able to simultaneously search apprenticeships, including many of those registered through the Department of Labor, in addition to non-registered apprenticeships and trainee positions, across a variety of industries. In the image below, you can get a sense of job search results you’ll see once you click on a particular city within the map: OntheJobTrainingSeattle Right now, there are nearly 70,000 on-the-job training positions* being advertised by employers in all 50 states, ranging in experience requirements from no college to some college or work experience to a college degree. These on-the-job training positions tend to range in base salary from $20,000 to more than $60,000, according to Glassdoor’s salaries database. OJT Jobs, Salaries, Employers and Cities Curious what type of OJT work is out there, how much you might get paid or where these opportunities can be found? Some highlights of OJT opportunities, according to Glassdoor’s comprehensive jobs database include:
  • Some of the most in-demand positions*, offering on-the-job training, include: Sales Manager Trainee(2,800 jobs), Store Manager Trainee (2,300 jobs), Bus Driver Trainee (1,200), Pharmacy Technician Trainee (1,000 jobs) and Mechanic Trainee (600 jobs).
  • Some of the highest paying positions, offering on-the-job training, include: Field Engineer Trainee (median base salary: $62,000), Operations Management Trainee ($58,000), Trader Trainee ($55,000), Underwriter Trainee ($50,000) and Financial Advisor Trainee ($50,000).
  • Some companies with the highest number of OJT opportunities:Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Walmart, CVS Health, Hertz and Sears.
  • City comparison by number of OJT positions: New York City (300 jobs), Chicago (300 jobs), Dallas (300 jobs), Atlanta (250 jobs) and Los Angeles (200 jobs).
OJT Finder Access?: To embed the Glassdoor On-the-Job Training Finder, simply register for a Glassdoor API account and a representative will send the embed code via email. Ready to start a new career or learn new skills while getting paid? Search for new opportunities. GLASSDOOR AT THE WHITE HOUSE: Glassdoor’s On-the-Job Training Finder was built in part to help support a White House initiative aimed at helping Americans learn new skills while getting paid. Learn more about Glassdoor’s involvement with the White House related to this effort. *All data as of 4/16/15 and determined using active job listings on Glassdoor, while taking into account job title normalization, which groups similar job titles. Median base salaries for OJT jobs based on at least 15 salary reports shared by employees on Glassdoor.