Biochemist Job Description

What is a Biochemist?

A Biochemist is a scientist that specializes in biology, and different organisms react with chemistry. Though a Biochemist can work independently, Biochemists are typically employed by corporations or institutions to identify the effects or benefits of various chemicals on biology. A Biochemist will often design and execute experiments in line with the standards of the scientific community to explore options for new useful products.

A Biochemist typically has a bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry or both. Being double bachelored or possessing an advanced degree such as a Masters or Doctorate is highly preferred for senior or high-profile positions. The nature of scientific research is highly structured. Having extreme attention to detail and being capable of following directions precisely is paramount in this profession.

Biochemist Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Biochemist

  • Identify new areas of beneficial research in the bounds of a company's market
  • Create a working hypothesizes of function for all potential bio-products
  • Design experiments to test hypothesizes
  • Conduct all experiments within the guidelines of the scientific standards
  • Record all results and observations faithfully and accurately
  • Condense and compile findings into reports for management to review
  • Repeat experiments when necessary or requested
  • Report any misuse of any policies or company equipment

Qualifications for Biochemist

  • Advanced degree (preferred)
  • 3+ years in a lab environment
  • Proven history of reputable scientific research
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Ability to follow direction precisely
  • Experience dealing with various lab equipment
  • A motivation to work safely and effectively
  • A passion to innovate and improve the world
  • Satisfactory completion of background check

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