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Are you smart?


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Yes, at-least by the standards of the people I worked and studied with in the past.

Iam on May 31, 2009

i'm f**** smart

jeff skillings on Jul 12, 2009

The results of the Dunning-Kruger study show that incompetent people massively overestimate their ability, while truly competent people are typically unaware that they are on the far-right side of the bell curve. Assuming that the interviewer is aware of this effect, the best strategy to play is modesty.

Kelly on Aug 5, 2009

On the other hand, people prefer cockiness to competency, so maybe the best answer is to boast about how you taught Donald Knuth everything he knows.

Googleplex Star Thinker on Aug 5, 2009

i am delicate balance of confidence and humility, lets put it that way

Anonymous on Aug 8, 2015

It depends on how do you definition and measure smart? In looking at my employment history and referencing my level of education along with my accomplishments, I'm confident I've meet your prerequisites and exceptions for this job. I am smart enough to know that there's always more to be learned.

Anonymous on Aug 9, 2017

Smart is a relative term. But I’d like to think I’m good at solving problems other people are afraid to take.

Anonymous on Feb 18, 2019

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