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Describe yourself. Why are you interested in Hospice? What do you know about Kindred?

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I am an older guy who found pastoral care in the second half of my life after the death of my wife in a hospice unit in Providence Rhode Island14 years ago. My life up until them had involved senior level executive positions in Advertising, Marketing and Design both in the USA, Europe and Asia. When my wife died I was lost for a while...mired in sadness and grief. A terrific grief therapist helped me to understand that I needed to radically change my life and find a reason for that life to continue. I found that reason in modeling my life after the selfless work my late wife did in giving encouragement and inspiration to so many. I started to volunteer in the pastoral care office at Roper Saint Francis Healthcare in Charleston which led to studying CPE there and becoming a hospice chaplain. I learned that there is always hope and the possibility of resolving iLife issues and conflicts...even at the very end of life. Pastoral care is without question a calling I love and get tremendous rewards from. I have had eight years of progressive responsibility in Hospice/Hospital Chaplaincy and I truly love the work that I have been given the gift to do well.

I have worked for Compassus and for Trident and Summerville Hospitals as well as “We Are Sharing Hope SC”(the organ bank for the state) as a Family Support Counsellor. I have studied CPE over a three year period and participated in four years of training and education in Deacon School in the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina. I humbly feel I have the tools, the experience and the heart to utilize my understanding of pastoral care to help repair a small part of our world’s brokenness. And I am very grateful for every opportunity to do this that I have been blessed with.

The most challenging question was, "what is your theological perspective on the field of chaplaincy."

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What do you seek to get out of your time here?

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Why do you want to join my ARMY?

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How do you practice self care?

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How I felt about the high amount of driving for the job.

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How do you feel about death?

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I was working a part-time job and one of the first question was, "So what have you been doing with yourself in the last few monthhs?"

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I was asked if I felt I had the stamina and emotional capacity to work overnights in this diverse environment.

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My background and work history.

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