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No interview questions - I was apparently not fit for this job because I made the conscious decision not to put myself into $500k worth of debt by age of 22. Because I have a passion for restaurants and food and chose to go to Culinary School instead of wasting my time on a non-sequitur subject for 4 years.

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How can you guys ask me in the application for information on my race, veteran status, and disabilities and yet brush me off because I don't have a bachelors? This is 2018.

Describe what factors would influence your decision to launch UberEats in a city.

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How would you organize 1000 leads that were given to you?

How would you run this sales team?

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How much do we pay an Uber Eats courier If the average order size is x and the courier fee is y and the delivery fee is z and we want to increase Uber's revenue by 2x how much do we need to incentivize consumers to spend per order?

Which of the metrics would best allow you to determine a riders price elasticity based on eETA or surge pricing?

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