Front Desk Clerk Job Description

What is a Front Desk Clerk?

A front desk clerk is responsible for taking care of guests while they stay at a hotel. They are responsible for ensuring guests have everything that they need from towels to food. A few of the main duties of a front desk clerk are taking any reservations, answering any guest questions, recommending local attractions to guests, and answering any phone calls. They also have to check guests in and out of the hotel. Some of the jobs titles that a front desk clerk could grow into are hotel manager and general manager.

A front desk clerk does not need any experience but should have a high school degree or GED equivalent. One of the most important skills that a front desk clerk will have is the ability to please any guest. Another skill is customer focus as the front desk clerk will have to ensure the guests are happy.

Front Desk Clerk Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Front Desk Clerk

  • Answer any questions guests have
  • Answer the phone and direct them to the correct place
  • Follow company policies and procedures
  • Check guests into and out of the hotel
  • Take care of any needs the guest has
  • Schedule transportation for guests
  • Create a memorable experience for the guests
  • Greet every guest with a warm smile

Qualifications for Front Desk Clerk

  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Incredible interpersonal skills
  • Ability to make connections with guests
  • Great organizational skills
  • Incredibly detail oriented
  • Always able to put on a friendly smile
  • Amazing communication abilities
  • Experience using booking software is preferred
  • Good english speaking skills

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