Mechanical Engineering Job Description

What is a Mechanical Engineering?

A Mechanical engineer is responsible for the research, design, development, building, and testing of mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines, and machines. Mechanical engineers design, build, install and maintain all kinds of mechanical machinery, tool, and components. Additionally, mechanical engineers provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products, ranging from small component designs to extremely large plant, machinery or vehicles. Mechanical engineers generally work in professional office settings and occasionally visit worksites where a problem or piece of equipment needs their personal attention.

A bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering along with 4 years in an engineering leadership role is required for mechanical engineers. Additionally, a BSME license is required. Successful mechanical engineers possess excellent analytical and mathematical skills and are keen on working in a team environment.

Mechanical Engineering Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Mechanical Engineering

  • Improve production processes, and planning and supervising the installation of machinery and parts in line with design plans and timescales
  • Develop and test prototypes of devices they design
  • Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices using analysis and computer-aided design
  • Analyze the test results and change the design as needed
  • Design and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications to help improve safety and reliability
  • Oversee the manufacturing process for the device
  • Analyze, discuss and solving complex problems with manufacturing departments, sub-contractors, suppliers and customers
  • Perform a full lifecycle product development (design, develop, test prototypes, manufacture and implement)

Qualifications for Mechanical Engineering

  • 4+ years' experience in an engineering leadership role
  • Licensed as a BSME
  • Strong knowledge of CAD/CAM software and drafting procedures
  • Hands-on experience with computer-aided engineering (CAM) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAE)
  • Excellent prioritization and project development skills
  • Solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science etc.
  • Ability to communicate technical knowledge in a clear and understandable manner
  • Strong creativity and analytical skills
  • 8+ years' project management experience

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