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You will likely be asked simple technical questions (e.g. solve an equation or diagnose an issue). As an example for a mechanical engineer, "how does an easy bake oven work?" The point is to answer the question as fully as possible

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Explain about how the light bulb generates heat through the filament which provides both radiation and convection heating to bake the item. The oven provides insulation maintaining the heat. Write out the appropriate equation for bonus points

Asked how the strength to weight ratio of aluminum and steel compared.

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You are in a boat in a pool with a rock in your hand. You throw the rock into the pool. Does the water level rise, drop, or stay the same?

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What has been your active role in the team process you're currently working with?

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If two vehicles are identical, except for one weighing twice as much as the other vehicle, and they roll down a hill, which car reaches the bottom first? Neglect air resistance. Assume the extra mass is in the body of the vehicle.

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If you have a refrigerator in an isolated room (no heat in or out) and left the door to the refrigerator open, what would happen to the temperature to the room? Would it go up, down or say the same?

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in a boat on a lake with a rock, throw the rock in the water which way does the water level move? here is a memory card- what is it made out of and how was it made?

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If you were in a dark closet with 49 white socks and 1 black many socks would you pick so as to ensure that you exit the closet with a pair of similar colored socks

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You are in a boat and you threw the anchor into the river. The anchor settled on the lake floor. What happens to the level of water before and after the anchor is dropped ?

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All questions were behavioral and nothing specifically difficult.

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