Resident Assistant Job Description

What is a Resident Assistant?

Resident Assistants help students get situated to life in a university residence and enhance their on-campus experience. You will assist fellow residents with personal and educational matters while also fostering a sense of community with all residents. Resident Assistants do this by planning activities, helping younger students excel in their studies, and providing a safe environment for all students under their watch. You must attend staff meetings and may have to assist with emergencies.

You should have a qualifying GPA in order to work as an RA. You must also be a full-time student, be at least in your sophomore year, and have lived on campus. You are required to to pass a background check and attend mandatory trainings before the job starts. RA's must be compassionate, organized, and approachable.

Resident Assistant Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Resident Assistant

  • Check dorm rooms and suites for infractions or safety issues, and submit reports on any violations of university codes
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and occasional RA trainings
  • Enforce university rules and regulations while acting as a bridge between students and administration
  • Assist with welcome week activities, including opening dorms, checking students in, and ensuring student participation
  • Assist students with specific needs and making referrals when they are beyond the RA's ability to take care of directly
  • Provide information about on-campus or local activities through bulletin boards, in person, online, with flyers, or on social media
  • Organize floor meetings with residents on a regular basis
  • Moderate disagreements between students, residents, and fellow resident assistants

Qualifications for Resident Assistant

  • Be in good academic standing at the time of application and throughout the academic year
  • Able to get along with people of various cultural, religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds
  • Model exemplary behavior for all students in the residence
  • Comfortable with public speaking and leading a group of younger peers
  • Prior experience living in on-campus housing
  • Provide excellent service during front desk duty and checking in any visitors or third parties
  • Ability to remain calm during emergencies, lock-outs, or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Complete a satisfactory amount of credits/units prior to accepting the position
  • Excellent organization, coordination, and logistical skills

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