Surgical Technologist Job Description

What is a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical technologists assist surgeons during surgical procedures by anticipating surgeon needs to make sure the procedure is executed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. They prepare and organize the operating room, clean and sterilize equipment, and maintain a sterile environment. Surgical technologists are also known as scrubs, scrub technicians, surgical technicians, and operating room technicians. Surgical technologists are part of the surgical team and work under the supervision of registered nurse or operating manager. Surgical technologists work primarly in hospitals.

Most surgical technologists have completed an accredited surgical technologist program through a community or junior college, a vocational school, a hospital, or the military. The best surgical technologists are detail-oriented and have excellent dexterity.

Surgical Technologist Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Surgical Technologist

  • Prepare and organize the operating room equipment, instruments, and supplies as required for various surgical procedures
  • Anticipate surgeon and patient needs during a procedure
  • Take care of specimens, prepare, check, and monitor medications, and assist with dressings
  • Set up a sterile and sanitary environment, and maintain the sterile field for the patient during procedures
  • Utilize correct body mechanics in moving, transporting, and positioning patients, stretchers, and/or tables in order to prevent injury to patient and personnel
  • Follow relevant safety and sanitation guidelines
  • Participate in orientation and education of all operating room staff on an ongoing basis
  • Participate in stocking and restocking medical supplies
  • Inspect, replace, and sterilize medical instruments
  • Provide surgeons and patients with necessary instruments, supplies, and equipment

Qualifications for Surgical Technologist

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Certification as a surgical technologist preferred, or similar experience in practical nursing or an operating room
  • 1-2 years experience working as a surgical technologist
  • Continuing in-services and educations program required
  • Current Basic Life Support certificate required
  • Ability to interact comfortably with a high volume of patients, families, and staff in a stressful environment
  • Demonstrated knowledge of operation and maintenance of equipment and supplies located in the operating room

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