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Pyramid scheme/MLM scam, stay far away - Life Insurance Agent American Income Life Employee Review

    1. 1.0
      May 11, 2016
      Life Insurance Agent
      Former Employee, less than 1 year
      Fresno, CA
      CEO Approval
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      Free coffee, air conditioning, free life lessons on the pitfalls of a 1099 job. Learning how to recognize employment scams for future avoidance.


      Lots. For anyone thinking of working here, they should really understand how the company works before you get yourself involved with them. American income is an MLM (multi level marketing) scam that uses insurance sales as a cover, probably for legality reasons and the optics of legitimacy. You will be lied to constantly here from the time you walk into the door to the day you eventually quit. This is a 100% commission insurance sales job complete with cold calling and door to door sales on the surface but don't expect to make anything for a long time if you just decide to go down this route. Renewals don't kick in for an entire year and even then they will be low. The leads are cold and most will be angry. Some will be so ignorant or stupid they will probably buy from you. You have to sell them overpriced whole life though or the infamous 10 year term that acts like a ticking time bomb. Here's some fun facts about AIL's products: All of their term insurance can be converted into whole life! Great until another agent comes in after you've sold a term product, converts your policies into whole life and takes your renewals and steals your sale. The insurance side of AIL is largely a waste of time and money though, if you really want to make anything here you need to become a great liar and start recruiting. The company's compensation model is based off recruiting as many people as possible, similar to a cattle call. You make money off their sales (a "down line") and money off of their recruits. You want to try and make your down lines as large and deep as possible. Sound familiar? Probably if you know anything about how companies like Avon and Amway work. It's the same model they use at AIL, recruiting is compensated better than actually selling anything, which is technically a pyramid scheme. Your managers will push recruiting harder than anything to reinforce this, as most of the young people they hire aren't from a generation familiar with how companies like Amway operated. Oh and the constant high burnout and turnover rate is because you stop getting increased commission from your recruits after 6 months so it's more profitable to just drop them and hire on the next batch of suckers.


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      1. 5.0
        Nov 5, 2023
        Sales Representative
        Former Intern, more than 1 year
        New York, NY
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        great company with professional teams


        i dont have anything to say here

        Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your time and contributions to our AIL intern team and wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

        1. 4.0
          Sep 2, 2014
          Regional Director
          Current Employee, more than 5 years
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          So many pros here....let's start with: 1) Freedom & flexibility- the ability to be an independent contractor (1099 associate) who can set their own hours, work pace, and income level. 2) Preparation for the future- It is also nice that you can utilize AIL to gain valuable knowledge about sales, marketing, business development, communications and almost any other valuable skill/trait you would normally acquire in a university/college setting before setting out into the professional world. AIL is a great place for people to develop a solid core for what may lie ahead in their future for what they ultimately want to do for the rest of their lives. 3) A fully-vested, Union-protected 10-year renewal plan makes achieving whatever you want to do in life possible- whether it is starting your own business or a non-profit, without taking out huge small business loans. Work hard now- enjoy the financial benefits for the rest of your life. 4) The socialization aspect: from policyholders to co-workers to the random person that opens up the door to you on a daily basis there is never a boring day @ AIL. In short, we get paid to drive, talk, and help educate people on how to be financially literate when it comes to insurance and savings. Also, we get invited to BBQ's, family functions, and many other cool events from our members. It is impossible to work @ AIL and not develop a strong social network as a result of working here! 5) The opportunity to be given recognition and additional responsibilities based on your own results, instead of on tenure or who you know 6) Legitimate 6-figure income reality...I've personally only had 1 year under $100,000 and I took a ton of time off that year. I had never made more than 50,000 per year working 60-70 hours per week in retail prior to AIL. 7) Good Senior Leadership/Mentors: although rare, this company truly some fantastic individuals sitting in high-profile & decision-making positions within the company...many of whom truly live the company's mottos and operating principles to the 'T' 8) Ability to rebound quickly in a financial crisis- whether it happens directly or indirectly to you there a very few professional opportunities where you can go make an extra 10K or so the following month, even if you are not a manager. While money is the root of all evil, it can also help you do great by and support those around when times get tough. As long as someone focuses on the beneficial aspects of the monetary opportunity at AIL they will be in a good place. 9) Running your own business- as long as you are showing results and growth, you can run your own office(s) with nearly absolute autonomy. But, unlike running your own traditional business, you have the support of a Fortune 700 company and its senior leaders when you need it. It's the best of both world's really.


          NOTE: Every individual AIL office is franchised and no two are exactly alike in nature...just like a fast-food chain or multiple-location gym. Depending on your SGA (AIL franchise-owner), RGA, MGA, and other upline managers, you may have the above-mentioned freedom & financial opportunities inhibited by several factors including: 1) Micromanagement- many managers treat their associates like W-2 employees in their daily interactions with them and should be reminded of the 6-Point Test for Independent Contractors to help them develop a working relationship that is more true to the nature of their contract. Recommend to do something, but not require them to do something. Small but huge difference between the two. 2) Too heavy of a focus on the scripts- teach your associates the script and it's key components but don't hold back their creativity and interpretation of the presentation- remember, you hired them because they were intelligent beings (I hope)...not script-reciting robots. 3) Mandatory Meetings- yikes, this is a huge legal volcano waiting to bury the SGA's of this company. Recommend attendance and explain why it is important associates are there...and leave it at that. 4) Lack of accountability from senior management- remember, you are not infallible...quit making promises you can't back up and if you fail to uphold your end of the bargain, make it right in whatever way possible! 5) Buddy-buddy system- depending on the SGA, many are very cliquey and develop too tight of an inner-circle where the general attitude becomes very akin to a fanatic cult. Stay true to your standards and guidelines, not to who challenges you the least and edifies the very ground you walk on 6) Chargebacks and selective underwriting- you may actually owe the money back to the company if you submit a policy that does not get issued due to health, even though sometimes the insured met the underwriting guidelines of the field guide you were issued. AIL also does not like to underwrite large policies for some reason. 7) Too many traps in the bonus system- many times as a senior manager I have not earned the bonuses I projected on earning because of the several pitfalls in the bonus system, such as the quality of the downline manager (the manager you are supervising), the fact that your downline managers did not code enough new associates (even though you might have) 8) The Peter-principle- associates are promoted to management positions to rapidly in many SGAships across AIL so they never get a chance to fully grow into their previous role and end up failing miserably at everything. Give junior associates more time to hone their skills before throwing the next task(s) at them. If you want to grow so bad, go do it yourself and stop forcing others to take on your responsibilities.


          Thank you for your thorough review of the AIL opportunity. We appreciate you taking the time to help others understand the uniqueness of our Independent Agent position. We enjoy seeing our agents succeed and know that hard work and dedication is a staple of a successful AIL agent. We thank you for being a part of our AIL family!

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