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  • Suzy is a NYC SaaS company, so when we heard that Amazon chose NewYork, we watched and waited. Whenever big tech companies make these decisions, it creates immediate competition for great talent, which is always good for the local talent community.

    We learned about Amazon's recent decision to pull out of these plans, so we went to Suzy and asked New Yorkers - "Are you disappointed that Amazon has canceled its plans to expand in New York?"

    64% of the respondents said that they were disappointed in the decision and 36% said they were not. So a clear majority of New Yorkers are not happy with how this played out. Local politicians and the folks at Amazon should have used Suzy to get a pulse from the local community.

    (note - this is directional information since it includes all of New York, not just New York City).

  • We would like to welcome Tanya Kolosova to the Suzy Team as our SVP Data and Insights.

    Tanya Kolosova is an expert in actionable analytics and software development and has served as Sr. Vice President of Analytics at IPG, Vice President at Nielsen, a Principal Researcher at Yahoo!

    Tanya has extensive knowledge of machine-learning, design, and analysis of statistical experiments, advertisement and audience intelligence, survey analysis, market-mix modeling, and has worked in a variety of industries like online and offline retail, telecom, finance, fashion and more.

    Tanya also co-authored two books on statistical analysis and metadata-based applications development with SAS which are used in universities globally. She was featured in Forbes Magazine for her work for GAP.

    Why did you choose Suzy?
    I like what Suzy Says, I believe this is a great idea, and I hope I can help with the execution of this idea and be a part of success.

    Leading Consumer Insights Platform, Suzy, Hires New Senior Vice President of Data and Insights

    Suzy, a leading consumer insights platform that provides "actionable insights at the speed of culture," announced the addition of statistical analysis expert Tanya Kolosova to the company's impressive leadership team. In her new role as Senior Vice President, Data and Insights, Kolosova will oversee all of Suzy's data analytics and statistical insights.

  • We would like to welcome our newest family member at Suzy, Haley Lancaster. Haley joins Suzy as a Senior Business Development Representative working with our awesome sales team.

    Haley is a native of Ohio. Having left almost 3 years ago to pursue a career in tech startups, she is always down for an adventure and loves trying new things. If she isn’t at work, you can find her exploring one of our many hobbies -- painting, acting, yoga, cooking, watching Game of Thrones to name a few.

    We asked Haley a few questions:

    Why did you choose Suzy?

    I choose Suzy for many reasons, but the first to note is the people. Every person I met with was a truly genius authentic and motivated individual.

    What do you want to accomplish in the next year, both professionally and personally?

    Professionally, first and foremost I want to learn all I can about Suzy’s product and truly understand how our product can help people make informed and validated decisions. Personally, my goal for this year is to grow my public speaking abilities.

  • We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the 2-year anniversary today of Justina Morales. As part of our awesome marketing team, Justina is traveling, working, and attending the Expo West conference in California. So, your Suzy team members wish you the best from afar and look forward to celebrating your milestone when you return.

    We all look forward to your continued growth and success here at Suzy.

    Congrats (and of course, safe travels).

  • Yesterday, Suzy celebrated Black HistoryMonth by hosting a panel discussion on diversity and inclusion. As a SaaS tech platform company in New York, we wanted to drive the point that both diversity and inclusion are important within companies and from a product perspective.

    We were honored to have Richard Kerby from EQUAL VENTURES LIMITED, Abdou Diakite from Spotify, Chloe Taylor from Chloe Taylor Technology, @Netta Jenkins, MBA (As Seen on Forbes) from Mosaic Group & Ask Applications, and Evin Floyd Robinson from New York On Tech answering questions and providing their points of view with our awesome (and really funny) moderator Louisa Kinoshi.

    We explored topics such as diversity, inclusion, and how to build companies and products that work for everyone. We also had fantastic food and drink from local black-owned businesses:

    Wine - Bottoms Up Wine & Spirits ->

    Food - DaleView Biscuit & Beer -

    We want to thank all our panelists, our moderator, and the Suzy team members that helped pull together a great event.

    Made with love, not gluten. Buttermilk biscuits that taste so good that you would not realize they were gluten-free. Farm Brewery. Coffee shop. Cafe. Good eats.

  • Excited for Suzy’s black history month event tonight. According to Suzy, 66% of Americans believe that it’s important for the tech products they use every day to be diverse.

    In honor of Black History Month, Suzy hosts a panel discussion on how incorporating diversity and inclusion in tech companies not only leads to a happier workplace culture but also decreases the risk of tech product failures. We’re also excited to be using the Suzy product to help inform the questions and topics of discussion for the panelists.

  • Our latest blog post on Gut Health - see what we found out

    Gut Health in the Food Industry

    Our guts affect us more than we'd like to think; after all, the food we eat is where we get all nutrients our bodies use for energy, growth, and building cells.

  • We are excited to share that Suzy has won the Big Innovation Award for 2019.

    Suzy, a leading consumer insights platform that provides some of the biggest brands in the world with "actionable insights at the speed of culture," announced today it has been named a winner in the 2019 BIG Innovation Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group. The award highlights Suzy's success as a revolutionary industry thought leader.

    Learn more here ->

    Leading On-Demand Consumer Intelligence Platform, Suzy, Wins 2019 BIG Innovation Award

    NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Suzy, a leading consumer insights platform that provides some of the biggest brands in the world with "actionable...

  • Excited to share this article our SVP of People Anthony Onesto wrote about company hashtag#culture and hashtag#hr where he used the Suzy platform to survey our member network. In the spirit of Assume Nothing and Validate Everything, we attempt to debunk or validate common assumptions we have in Human Resources.

    Assume Nothing - Translating Company Values into Actions and Words

    Company values are articulated by employees, which creates the company culture. Yet, 87% of companies find that culture is one of their biggest challenges to address.

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