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Define the difference between a hub and a switch


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Network topology. haven't used since collage. Googled and found hub propogates to many servers at once (Token Ring) and Switch uses propogation to different subnets.

Interview Candidate on Apr 28, 2010

A hub works on the physical layer, where as the switch works on the datalink layer . A Switch creates a broadcast domain for each port and allows for full duplex of data allowing you to TX and RX at the same time. A hub is a shared device, it will propagate broadcast traffic. Most are only half duplex .

atelesco on Nov 12, 2010

A hub works on the physical layer (layer 1) and doesn't separate collision or broadcast domains. A switch works on the data link layer (layer 2) and separates collision domains. This allows multiple devices to talk at full duplex using one switch. A router works on the network layer (layer 3) and separates both collision domains and broadcast domains.

Loki on Aug 21, 2012

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