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Design patterns questions


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Hi Did you get a call for Onsite for this position?
I have it on Monday i.e 03-25.If you went through onsite interview.Please share your experience

Anonymous on Mar 23, 2013

I dint get a call for on site yet. When was your 1st interview?

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2013

It was on 03-14.Within 2 days they scheduled for onsite interview.By the way what all design pattern questions they asked you in first round?I was asked only Observer Pattern and Singleton Pattern

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2013

Ya the same thing.....I already listed right...I had a difficulty in answering Observer pattern so listed here so that others can prepare well :)
On site they will ask to write small code I guess but not so complicated. I heard that fidelity interview is not that tough as tech companies. So prepare well, answer confidently. All the best for the interview.

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2013

Did you guys gave the on-site interview? How was the experience?

Anonymous on Apr 10, 2013

Could you guys share your onsite experience ?

Anonymous on Apr 11, 2013

Dude my onsite is scheduled next week. So I dint have any experience to share apart from the phone interview questions. Now its your turn to share the experience so that I can do somewhat better next week. So please do share your experience.

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2013

I had my phone interview this week.The interview didn't go well but I have a similar interview with the same company in a different location.Can someone please tell the questions that were asked onsite?

Anonymous on Apr 29, 2013


I heard that the questions asked on onsite were related to map reduce scenarios like how to approach a situation (which the interviewer tells) and develop map and reduce tasks (orally not written). Different behavioural questions apart from these.

Anonymous on May 2, 2013

Has anybody actually given the onsite interview?Please share your experience.

Anonymous on May 3, 2013

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