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Difference between Stiffness and Strength


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Strength is a material property while stiffness is based in the structure geometry and the section. While strength is ability to withstand stress by resisting deformations, stiffness is ability to withstand loads/ moments by resisting deflections.

Anonymous on Oct 16, 2017

Stiffness is a measure of how much a material can resist deformation based on a give load, it's dependent on the geometric properties of the material; it's measured in the linear region of the stress strain curve. Strength is a measure of how much a material is able to withstand stresses, like a shear stress though a section or a compressive and tensile stress depending on the load. It can be measured at different points in the stress stress curves and there a variety of important strenghts; yield, ultimate, failure stress.

Anonymous on Nov 14, 2017

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