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Operations Research Analyst Interview

How do you work with diversity?


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This position was with the Marine Corps so they wanted to know how I would get along with Marines and other military personnel.

Interview Candidate on Apr 11, 2012

So how does a person perform well in a diverse workplace? The first thing to realize is the idea of diversity in the workplace is that people from different backgrounds are going to have different perspectives and provide different value to the company. So someone who is an engineer is going to think differently than someone who is an art major. Or if someone who lived out in the country is going to think differently then someone who lived in a city. All these different perspectives provide value, and that's important to a company being successful to have different perspectives and different ideas on how to move forward.

The key thing to do is to recognize the value of each of these diverse perspectives, so acknowledge the perspective of other people even though it's different than yours. Consider their perspective independently of your own and value it. Make sure that you listen, really attend to what others are saying before you try to interject your own perspective and point of view, and consider their ideas. You can still decline to follow a pathway from someone who disagrees with you, but at least acknowledge what they are saying, show that you value it, and appreciate it and then suggest why you are considering going in a different pathway.

By simply showing respect, listening, and acknowledgment of other people you can go a long way towards creating a happier diverse workplace and be successful in a diverse work environment.

Interview Success Formula on Aug 14, 2013

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