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Updated Apr 12, 2021

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I applied online. The process took 1 week. I interviewed at OpenCraft in Jun 2020


The process consisted of an interview and also curriculum and github evaluation. The interview had questions and a coding exercise, which was simple. Despite being a very smooth process, the job offer shows the precariousness of the vacancy and how the company may have loopholes so as not to pay in the said 'trial period'

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  • Which open source projects had contributed, and how
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Anonymous Interview Candidate

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Negative Experience
Easy Interview

I applied online. I interviewed at OpenCraft


Extremely easy, which goes along with their hire fast and fire fast mentality. I had concerns about the length of the probation period which I think was the reason they ghosted me.

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Anonymous Interview Candidate

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I interviewed at OpenCraft


Ask for open source projects, Give an on the spot code test. I am a senior-level Django programmer, I believe I have the authority to speak if a test I'm taking isn't helpful for skills required by the role. First, they ask you to refactor a theoretical problem on the spot. I doubt the efficacy of these types of tests - refactoring that quickly in the real world would lend to premature optimization. Second, the test isn't related to the rigors of Django Development, or for that matter, any programming workplace - even high frequency traders have time to profile applications and establish a feedback loop. Third, it isn't related Django, the role being filled. Interviewer appeared to take offense to me stating the test didn't indicate the nature of the role being filled. I'm apparently the first person to break the news to him. I was left with the impression the interviewer lacked consideration for me as an applicant, forcing me through a sham test that didn't relate to the role, let me show my strengths, enthusiasm, ability, or willingness to contribute. Asking for refactors under pressure is not indicative of a programming workplace - it is a game. It's teasing, and rude on the part of the interviewer, not the other way around. It degrades candidates and causes imposter syndrome. The other problem is they claimed to me the sham code test was a way to gauge personality. So even though you're exhausted of interviewers giving quizzes that have nothing to do with the day-to-day role, they are going to use your reaction calling it bunk against you. And who wins? Streetwise careerists and scammers that excel in only passing interviews, saying the "right" thing, and code golf rather than passionate people in open source and Django who know succeed at the job requirements.

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Feel free to post any interview questions you might be asked and I’ll help you compose an effective response :)

RFP Coordinator

I have a 5 year gap in my work history due to an illness. How do I explain this? I can't lie, SSD is on my background check as a previous employer. I am on it and looking to re-enter the job market and get off of it, but I understand it is a reason for employers to pause in hiring me.

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Senior Associate

How do you interview for a position when you are under-qualified based on seniority but not based on skills? I currently serve as a senior associate for a reputable consulting firm, and I have an interview for an associate director position. However, I am just shy of the minimum YOE requirement included on the job application and relatively young (though I meet all of the other requirements). Any advice on convincing the hiring manager I am ready for a mid-level role?



Had 4 behavioral interviews for a position last week. Last Friday (which was the last of the four interviews), the interviewer spent most of the interview selling me on the job and didn't ask me any questions. She ended the interview by saying she thinks I am confident and would be a great fit for the role. I took this as a good sign but giving it's 2023 you never truly know. Has anyone ever had an interviewer do something similar and not gotten the job?


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