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What is a volatile variable, and why would you use it?

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Volatile keyword is used during multi-threading when you want the threads to edit this variable value. It ensures that the value of the variable is not cached and is stored directly in the main memory. hence, enabling concurrent usage of the variable by different threads.

Consider a single threaded single processor environment. Do you still need a volatile?

(this is a little easier to explain if it's drawn out, but I'll try my best to do it here) Given some integer N = 2^k which represents an NxN matrix, write a function that fills the matrix with 'L' shapes, such that the entire matrix is filled except for 1 empty space. For example, a 2x2 matrix would have 3 spaces filled with one of the corners empty. And a 4x4 matrix would have the entire outer row of spaces filled, with the center 4 filled the same way the 2x2 matrix is filled.

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In two hours, write an Android app from scratch that connects to a server, downloads a bunch of data and displays that data on the screen. Requires usage of three separate libraries in addition to Rx Java/Kotlin.

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What Android architecture patterns have you used in your applications.

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I looked up the question after and it was in the hard section of leetcode.

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Simple questions you would find in Cracking the Coding Interview

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The remote coderpad challenge was to map some json to an object. The json object contained a part of a url path and had children with deeper parts of the path and so on. Had to write an algorithm to traverse the object's tree and print all full paths.

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String reverse. Tree(data structure) related question.

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2nd skype: - Lets say you have to build an activity (screen) which has a drop-down & once you select an item in the drop-down, it loads an image corresponding to that on the screen below. - How will handle cases where user is very rapidly changing his selection from the drop down

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Which Android frameworks do you use?

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