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only got to the android 90 min coding exercise where you have to make an application

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Quite a unique interview experience

Can you share what was the coding question?

Yes, Yahoo is such kind of stupid a*s*s company. They only care "your background" not your technique. That's my impression of Yahoo's recruiters.

What does everything in Java inherit from?

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2nd skype: - Lets say you have to build an activity (screen) which has a drop-down & once you select an item in the drop-down, it loads an image corresponding to that on the screen below. - How will handle cases where user is very rapidly changing his selection from the drop down

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1st round (phone screening): 1. WAP to implement pow(a,b) function. 2. WAP to build a BST.

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4th skype (design round): - How will you design an app (client) & server to implement a word guess game. For e.g. app will ask user to guess the word (it will show blank spaces first equal to size of the word) one character one time. He will have 'n' chances to guess correct word. Based on the result, he will win or loose money (prize). Assume you have well defined payment & user registration system. Assume external systems required for this game already present. Just concentrate on designing the above core requirement

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write a recursive function that solves the equation X[n] = X[n-1] + X[n-2] where X is an array that contains at least two integer values and the function should solve the question for the 3rd value in the array

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Advanced level questions on Android, difficulties with Android system, Android vs iOS, behavioral, psychological, mix of all. Each interviewer has some questions difficult to comprehend or answer.

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What is your favorite superhero

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All Android Based Questions

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Video call went well. They gave me a take home assignment and I tried to do it. I applied for a Android Quality Engineer role. The manager said he might consider me for an automation role after submission of the take home assignment. Called me for an onsite interview. It was a video conference call with different people located at different locations in the US (New York, Ohio or somewhere). One interviewer has a cat which was making a noise all the time. This interview was full of behavioral questions nothing related to technical at all. Six long hours of behavioral. I was finally rejected which in a way was good. I took a role in a different company who valued me, my time and my experience.

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