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Updated May 25, 2022

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phone interview starting with introducing yourself followed by two code questions. The first coding question is very standard coding question and the second one is a little more related to facebook's certain functionality

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This was the WORST interview experience I’ve ever had in my life. I was eager to work for FB because of the glowing glass door reviews. I reached out to many people blindly on LinkedIn to ask for help in the hopes of a referral and luckily one person did this. Next, I met with HR who asked me about my background and skills and told me if I see something in the future and I am a match, I should have the FB employee refer me and HR Person #1 will be my “sponsor”. I did this many times and I was eventually contacted by HR person #2 about a role. HR Person #2’s emails to me were hot and cold (eager to meet one min., ghosting the next). After about three months of this, we had a phone interview and he punted me to HR Person #3 who would schedule the meeting via their interview website with the Team Leader and me. HR person #3 was lackadaisical in her response and I thought I was getting ghosted again or the system was broken. I followed up with HR person #2 and finally, the meeting was set. I met with the Team Leader for a video interview and I thought I did well however, at the end I got the passive aggressive decline statement of “Well, we’re still interviewing candidates, thank you for your time”. I asked HR Person #2 for the Team Lead’s email so I could send a thank you note and I was ghosted again! After I was given the chance to do a survey from FB and I wrote about my abysmal experience. Oddly, almost immediately after, many HR people reached out to me including HR Person #2 . He said the Team Lead was impressed with me and he wanted to set up a panel interview and introduced me to HR Person #4 who would take me through the next part . HR #4 and I spoke and he said “I’d be the person to make you an offer”. This statement angers me the most because HR should not say this unless you will do that. This statement made me think “wow - it seems like I have the job” because I HAVE heard this from HR people who have offered me jobs in the past. HR person #4 had me work with HR person #3 on giving my times for the panel interview through their online site again. FYI - if you want communication through this site, you should promptly respond to people in it. I consistently got mixed messaging and slow response times and emails were more efficient. I was always unsure what was the correct communication method. If you wanted this site to be used why do you ignore me when I communicate through it? HR person #4 also told me about their mentoring program and provided me the questions that the panel would ask me. Based on my research, I found out I needed to use the STAR method when giving responses. Regarding the “mentoring program” I found the direction of how to use it awful. The broad overview and the use of it was akin to a Boss saying “Come out for a happy hour if you want to go”. With those types of invites you always have to say “yes”. I reached out to three people for a “mentor” meeting. One ignored me (PATTERN!), the second questioned why I would reach out to her. The third was an awesome, super nice man. I spent a WHOLE WEEKEND prepping for an interview with four people. During the interview, three seemed very impressed with my responses and background and also made it seem that the job was mine. The last person I met with was the person who would be my manager. Sadly, she was not invested at all in this meeting. She questioned my background and made a rude digs at my various career choices which was unkind. After, I sent everyone thank you notes in the system and via their email (mixed messaging from the panel as well on how to communicate) and I kept in touch with HR #4 on how it went. I was informed about a week later that I did not get the job with a poorly written, grammatically incorrect recycled note. No specific feedback was given as to why I was not chosen. However, I was told the team I met with liked me a lot and supported me for other opportunities. I looked on LinkedIn to see who accepted the job and what skills they had VS mine. Oddly, the job was immediately re-posted on LinkedIn which I found extremely befuddling. Upon further LinkedIn sleuthing, they already had a person in this role?! Over time I reached out to recruiter #4 regarding opportunities that I could fulfill but nothing materialized. Upon more sleuthing on LinkedIn, I see that the reason why the Hiring manager I met with was not invested in the meeting is she had a coworker from her prior employer that she wanted to put in this role. The purpose of me interviewing was most likely fulfilling an HR metric. To potential candidates interviewing here - don’t waste your time. The amount of time I spent interviewing here was too much (spoke with 11 people and devoted too many HOURS to this). The confusion, lack of communication and the disrespect I received was abhorrent. Don’t give them the satisfaction of using you as an HR metric as well.

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