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Updated Jan 16, 2022

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phone interview starting with introducing yourself followed by two code questions. The first coding question is very standard coding question and the second one is a little more related to facebook's certain functionality

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I was contact by a recruiter out of the blue telling me how they are really impressed by my CV. From first moment the interaction felt very impersonal and hurried up. Yes I know you are reaching out to a lot of candidates but let's not forget you are still talking to a human. I then got scheduled for an interview which was cancelled last moment apparently because the interviewer was sick. We then moved on to reschedule. Two weeks later I show up for the (remote) interview. The interviewer was late 5 minutes and when he showed he did not really seem to bother. We then swiftly began the process. I struggled a lot understanding the interviewer accent who seemed even lazy to clearly articulate properly his words. He was talking but you were getting a sense that he did not really care if he was understood. I completely zoned out, but I answered well the coding questions which I share below. We then moved on to the product related questions which were pretty basic and what you typically find on the web. I answered, but the whole process was feeling like a disconnect and I had a feeling we were both there just because we had too. To sum up - worse interview process ever.

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  • Given the following data: Table: searches Columns: date STRING date of the search, search_id INT the unique identifier of each search, user_id INT the unique identifier of the searcher, age_group STRING ('<30', '30-50', '50+'), search_query STRING the text of the search query Sample Rows: date | search_id | user_id | age_group | search_query -------------------------------------------------------------------- '2020-01-01' | 101 | 9991 | '<30' | 'justin bieber' '2020-01-01' | 102 | 9991 | '<30' | 'menlo park' '2020-01-01' | 103 | 5555 | '30-50' | 'john' '2020-01-01' | 104 | 1234 | '50+' | 'funny cats' Table: search_results Columns: date STRING date of the search action, search_id INT the unique identifier of each search, result_id INT the unique identifier of the result, result_type STRING (page, event, group, person, post, etc.), clicked BOOLEAN did the user click on the result? Sample Rows: date | search_id | result_id | result_type | clicked -------------------------------------------------------------------- '2020-01-01' | 101 | 1001 | 'page' | TRUE '2020-01-01' | 101 | 1002 | 'event' | FALSE '2020-01-01' | 101 | 1003 | 'event' | FALSE '2020-01-01' | 101 | 1004 | 'group' | FALSE Over the last 7 days, how many users made more than 10 searches? You notice that the number of users that clicked on a search result about a Facebook Event increased 10% week-over-week. How would you investigate? How do you decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing? The Events team wants to up-rank Events such that they show up higher in Search. How would you determine if this is a good idea or not?
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Took a paycut going into Meta - $305k TC to $270k. Also had an AP offer for $370k. Decided to go with Meta as I wanted to scratch the industry/FAANG itch. Ive really struggled because the role hasn’t panned out as expected, and the only benefit has been WLB. Should i go back out into market? Only been 6 months at the new role