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McKinley Rice
Blockchain Developer was asked...August 16, 2020

They asked almost everything like Basic question of programming language , data structure questions, Puzzles, Coding question.

2 Answers

My almost answers were correct my code was also running but I stucked in puzzle question. Less

Plz tell more regarding the interview

Unstoppable Domains

What is the reason you search for another project?

1 Answers

Previous project terminated.

They asked me about specific programming files.

1 Answers


Accubits Technologies

Basics about Blockchain Technology , ?

1 Answers

Different consensus mechanisms?


What is your proficiency in Solidity

1 Answers

8 out of 10

Accubits Technologies

Difference between Blockchain and Hyperledger Projects ?

1 Answers

I mentioned about the Permissioned and permission-less feature of Blockchain and Hyperledger. I explained the process with a real life use case . Less

Radix DLT

What is more valuable to you. Making huge amounts of money or helping others?

1 Answers

Helping others.

Vivid Seats

Why are your the best for this job?

1 Answers

Also, I have extensive experience with blockchain, I can help you company decide which type is best for your needs. Less


about yourself?

1 Answers

know about blockchain?

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