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Broker Trainee Program Interview Questions


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How much money would you like to make?

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You must let them know that you would like to make in the lower to middle 6 figures, anythingelse lower and they will think you don't have it, anything over is clearly unreasonable to like 1 Million

How are you going to go about attracting clients?

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Talk about a situation where you busy with multiple duties and were forced to prioritze, and how you dealt with the pressure.

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During the phone interview: Why Charles Schwab? what did you read about us? Discuss a time you failed with a client. Discuss a time you had to work with a difficult client and how you were able to work with them. Then they discussed your current job, why you want to leave, current hours, etc. During the in-person interview: Tell us about yourself? Why Schwab? What have you read about us? Are you interviewing anywhere else?What is your leadership style? How would you lead a group? Tell us about a time when you had to work with a difficult client and what skills and resources you used to enhance the situation. Why should we hire you over the next guy? (that's when you sell yourself). Lots of questions on my current job, how many inbound calls I take/make, etc. How do you work in a team? What kind of team member are you? What is the hardest feedback you have ever received at work? What is the hardest feedback you ever gave at work? Haven't hear back yet either way.

What is a past time you went above and beyond your work duties?

Tell me about a time a customer/client wanted to buy something that you knew wouldn't fit their needs. How did you attempt to redirect them?

What is the most interesting thing you've recently learned?

Prep for calculating profit differences off stock yields

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