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one hour PhD thesis presentation. Trouble shooting question. device physics. and some brain storming questions

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I answered most of the questions well. Stayed calm when you can't answer some questions

Basic CMOS related questions, including fabrication steps

All the technical questions were about my research and all the behavioral questions were very standard: If I have had an difficult college and how I deal with it. If I have had difficult during my research or work and how I deal with it.

Everyone will ask 1. How do you troubleshoot machines 2. How do you deal with a difficult member in a group Nothing was unexpected.

Everything went well. To be honest, I have no idea why they rejected me. I handled all questions from them pretty well. Tried to be chilled and social. My hypothesis is that they already hired somebody with similar background to me. Set up on site interview as soon as you can if you want the job (I delayed it on purpose for 1 month after phone interview).

How do you think your work ethics in the lab translate into your personality on a sports pitch.

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If you have a chance to improve your research, what will you do?

Most familiar instrument, and how they work. Trouble shooting experience, and specific examples. Why do you want to work for Intel? What is the most difficult problem in the graduate study, and how did you solve it? How did I determine if a vacuum system has a very minor leakage. How does XRD work, and how did I determint if a sample is single crystal or not. Talk about yourself, whatever you like to talk.

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