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Seismic Imaging Geophysicist was asked...April 23, 2012

Given 1000 small cubics, what is the length of the edge of the biggest cubic you can make.

6 Answers

you dont have to create the cube with unit cubes in the can have all of the cubes on the edges alone. The answer is the solution of the inequality. X^3-(X-2)^3 <1000 Less


shouldn't be 10? how do you get the value 13/83, can you explain a bit?

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Why do you want to come to Singapore?

4 Answers

In order to fulfil the work seismic imaging processing given by the company and also to meet the needs of the company Less

In order to fulfil the work seismic imaging processing given by the company and also to meet the requirements of the company by our work. Less

In order to fulfil the work seismic imaging processing given by the company in that area and also to meet the requirements of the company. Less

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What is the area of a 16 sided regular polygon with sides of length L ?

3 Answers

Area of a regular polygon A = 1/4 *n*l^2*cot(pi/n) Where n is the number of sides = 16, l is the length of a side = L Therefore A = 1/4*16*L^2 * cot(pi/16) = 20.10*L^2. Less

area = L^2/tan(2*pi/32) ~= 5*L^2

area = 16*(L^2/tan(2*pi/32)/2) ~= 40*L^2


What do you know about CGG?

2 Answers

How do you handle stress?

could you tell me some technical questions they asked?


How do you manage stress in work ?

2 Answers

By having the cup of coffee and having a break for few minutes

By taking the help of my colleagues I will complete my work.


Interpret a seismic profile + explain basin development from exploration to production

1 Answers



Suppose you have a M x N mesh grid, how many rectangulars could you draw? Could you write a code to find the prime numbers from 1 to N?

2 Answers

Additional information for the first one: There are N by 1 grid, there are N 1 by 1 rectangles, (N-1) 2 by 1 rectangles, ..., 1 N by 1 rectangles. Total # = N(N+1)/2. For N by M grid, total # = N(N+1)/2 * M(M+1)/2. Less

Just for the first one, if M and N represents the size, my answer would be (M+1)*M*(N+1)*N/4 Less

Seismic Exchange

They asked about and D's or F's or Withdrawals on Academic Transcript (reasoning, what you did about it later, etc.).

1 Answers

Explained how I allowed myself to get busy in college with some extra-curriculars but was sure to do grade replacements. It's ok to falter at some points in life, you just have to pick yourself up and make sure you fix things and take care of your business. Less

Anadarko Petroleum

How are you

1 Answers

i am fine.

Are you a team player?

1 Answers

Yes ( I then went on to detail my relevant experience).

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