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What is the area of a 16 sided regular polygon with sides of length L ?

4 Answers

area = L^2/tan(2*pi/32) ~= 5*L^2

area = 16*(L^2/tan(2*pi/32)/2) ~= 40*L^2

Area of a regular polygon A = 1/4 *n*l^2*cot(pi/n) Where n is the number of sides = 16, l is the length of a side = L Therefore A = 1/4*16*L^2 * cot(pi/16) = 20.10*L^2.

Describe a confrontational situation you under went and your solution.

1 Answer

They asked about and D's or F's or Withdrawals on Academic Transcript (reasoning, what you did about it later, etc.).

1 Answer

What do you like to do for fun in your free time

1 Answer

Interpret a seismic profile + explain basin development from exploration to production

1 Answer

Do you have experience traveling outside of the US.

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What do you want to do in 10 years?

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Describe a time when someone was not cooperating on a team project, and what did you do with it.

Describe your role and work in a team and how did you deal with people with different views.

Given a string of numbers, sum them according to geometric series.

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