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Contract Callers
Meter Reader was asked...February 4, 2016

Are you afraid of dogs and can you walk several miles (5-10) a day?

1 Answers

No, I am not afraid of dogs. I have experience working at animal shelters most of my life and taking in problem dogs. The ones that can't be adopted because they bite. I have two dogs of my own. I walk several miles a day for fun and love 5k obstacle course races. Less

Meter Reader was asked...November 12, 2015

Can you walk 10-15 miles a day?

1 Answers


Tacoma Public Utilities
Meter Reader was asked...September 18, 2019

How do you deal with stress in the workplace?

1 Answers

After clarifying what kind, I answered that people have their ups and downs and that I am very understanding to those kinds of stresses and that I react calmly and give people the benefit of the doubt and allow for a few bad days here and there. Less

City of Houston

They just asked basic information. Nothing hard. They didn't ask anything that made me have to sit back and think about my answer.

1 Answers

Truthfully. The interview process was a few weeks but it took them months to respond to my application. I forgot I applied for the job. Less

Alliant Energy

When have you had a difficult situation regarding customer service and how did you handle it

1 Answers

being respectful and as helpful as possible

American Water

What area did you cover? Type of equipment used

1 Answers

Just presented my experience

Can you work outside in all weathers

1 Answers

Yes, have done so for many years

National Fuel Gas

Why do you want to work for National Fuel?

1 Answers

Do you like dogs?

Purple Cow (Brazil)

Q: They asked how many jobs I've had

1 Answers

I held a few, but they didn't mind that.

Meter Reader was asked...December 19, 2018

If you first walked onto a job site what would you do?

1 Answers

Report to site supervisor and make sure I was wearing appropriate P.P.E

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