Qc Analyst Interview Questions

Qc Analyst Interview Questions

In a QC Analyst interview, you can expect the interviewer to ask about your testing and reporting protocols, as well as what programs you use to analyze the information. They may also ask about your training and specific professional experiences in which you developed important quality control skills, like analyzing, written communication, reporting, and planning and conducting experiments.

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Top QC Analyst Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top QC analyst interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: In what ways do you continue your QC analyst training?

How to answer: This open-ended question tests your dedication to the industry, and it evaluates your short and long-term goals. Provide an answer that lists any training or professional conferences you plan to attend in the future. If possible, connect this training to the position, including specific skills you want to improve as a QC analyst.

Question #2: Describe your most challenging Quality Control Project.

How to answer: This is another open-ended question that can be formulated using the STAR technique. It allows you to describe a situation in which you actively used problem-solving or research skills to ensure that the project quality met the client's expectations.

Question #3: How do you maintain confidentiality at work?

How to answer: This question measures your processes in protecting confidential client products, which is important when working as a QC analyst. You may use it to discuss any technical programs you use to maintain confidential information or to discuss your knowledge of confidentiality requirements.

Top Interview Questions

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QA Automation Engineer was asked...September 27, 2011

Do you believe automation is more important than manual QA?

3 Answers

I won't believe, both r important. we are doing documentation and writing test cases manually, then we are converting manual test cases into test scripts and executing them. It is the process of testing life cycle. Less

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Workday QA Automation Engineer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... prepfully.com/practice-interviews Less

Your question is somewhat vague. When it comes to service tests then automation is more important; When it comes to graphic design manual is more important. when it comes to regression tests automation is more important than manual testing. Less


What would you do if management asks you to approve a release with critical defects?

2 Answers

No, We should not release the application with critical defects. Make sure the management team how the impact of the critical defects in the application without fixing and quality of the product not guaranteed. Less

Decline to release and ask if I can have time to fix the defects

One Network Enterprises

Hypothetical question: you have a team of ten software developers that have worked on a product for 5 years. They now have to develop a new version of this application but only have 3 months to develop and test it. What would the QA estimate be?

2 Answers

This was my favorite question as it completely illustrated how bad these guys were at interviewing. I began to ask the manager that asked the question for more information and he snapped back at me " You have all the information you need!" Really? He might as well have asked me how much it costs to build a house. Because the answer would be the same - "I need more info and detail in order to give you my estimate". Any QA worth their salt will asks tons of questions in order to understand what it is they are working on. In the end I told the panel that if I had worked on the product or similar products I would base my estimate on prior experience. If I had no prior experience I would research historical metrics from similar projects and also discuss those historical project actual development/test hours with other QA and developers to come up with an estimate. Less

I said "Rather than answering with the standard 'I will need more information' 'lets make it less hypothetical. "'Before I can give you an answer I will need to gather more information from your people'. This gives the interviewer an out when they don't have any additional information, and you the chance to get the information you need" Converting from 'Hypothetical' to 'Real' helped make my answer stand out from other candidates. It also made it harder for the interviewer to return with the Hypothetical "you have all the information you need" Less


What instrumentation are you familiar with?

1 Answers


Wilson Electronics

Tell me more about your experience in working with Six Sigma and Lean, please be specific and give examples with details and figures.

1 Answers

Too long to write, they did a great job making sure I was not just putting popular tag words on my resume to make me look more appealing. They do a great job of finding out the truth. Less


Describe my ability to work in a team environment.

1 Answers

I'm a synergistic person. I find ways to be more efficient and share what I learn with my coworkers. I explained that if I share what I know that made my job easier, then perhaps that coworker will remember me and share what they learn back in the future with me as well as with the entire corporate structure. This is synergy. Less

The SAVO Group
QA Lead was asked...March 20, 2011

Have you had a defect that was found by a customer that should have been caught during the testing phase? If so, how did you handle the escaped defect.

1 Answers

I followed up with the customer and asked how they discovered the defect. I then determined what part of the troubleshooting process we missed that would have revealed the defect to us. Less

CA Technologies

If you had a great idea to implement something new for a CA software product but management wouldn't take your word on it, how would you convince management to go along with your idea?

1 Answers

I would try to create a form of a prototype of said idea and present it along with taking ownership and compassion for the new feature. Less


What exact experience with test automation have you had?

1 Answers

Automation starts when UAT becomes stable. Say for instance if on each release more than 50% test are failing you don't automate the application. During this time you can run smoke or black box tests to check if major functionalities are working properly. Once it becomes more stable for instance if 20% tests are failing you can start the automation process. Depending upon the application one can start with developing the frameworks. if it needed to be a data driven framework or a key word dirven framework. The best practice will be to incorporate Hybril Framwork which is combination of both keyword and data driven frameworks. On every release you run your regression tests to check new functionalities and anything broken from the previous releases. Once the application comes closer to complition you can develop a happy path or end to end test to check the functionalities of the application. Less


Explain the difference between an inner join and outer join.

1 Answers

know your SQL.

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