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Genrobotic Innovations
Robotics Simulation Engineer was asked...April 24, 2021

What are inverse kinematics and which theorem it is based upon?

2 Answers

Answered as appropriate



Describe and explain the given P&ID schematics?

1 Answers

need to know the symbols of processes and mostly know that here in Australia there are lots of coal based power plants. Less

Alta Devices

Difference between fundamental concepts in regards to a particular application.

1 Answers

I answer to the best of my knowledge at the time. However I miss understood certain questions which I will take in as a learning opportunity for future interviews. Less

Alta Devices

Explain to me your experience with cfd? What is your background? What is it that you do in your current title?

1 Answers

I just answered based on past and recent experiences.


How do you rate your proficiency in using Adams, Office, simulation skills.

1 Answers

I rated my skill in those softwares out of 5.

FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

In personal interview it was all about STAR questions. Interview started with resume review. One STAR question under each category (Leadership, Innovation, Conflict, Customer handling) General questions about the current job functions and research work.

1 Answers

Already prepared with different cases for each STAR question.

Raytheon Technologies

What is it that we do here at MS&A?

1 Answers

(Have a good sense of what department you're applying into)

Raytheon Technologies

Do you see yourself as a scientist or engineer?

1 Answers


TORC Robotics

In a shared pointer in C++, how does one ensure that the pointer is not destroyed while it goes out of scope in some places, but is still being used in others?

1 Answers

Use a counter in the shared pointer class that keeps track of how many instances of it have been created, and only destroy the pointer when the counter is 0. Less

SolarEdge Technologies

how can you examin sinus wave with a varies RMS

1 Answers

The differential of sine is cosine and therefore the ratio of the wave before the change and after will look like d/𝜕𝑡 =𝑠𝑖𝑛/𝑐𝑜s Less

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