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UPS Package Handler Interview Questions


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Why should we hire you if you have a college degree and will likely move on once you find a "carrer job"

3 Answers

Because money is always tight and I will continue to need the extra money

Well sir/mam, I strongly believe in leaving my career opportunities open while attending school and can honestly see myself working here, pursuing advancement, and making a career out of UPS.

I want a job now and I'm not ready to start school until I have money saved up. And if their is enough advancement and I enjoy my job enough at UPS I think I'll stay!

Can you physically lift 70 lbs on a regular basis..

1 Answer

Can you lift up to 75 pounds without help?

5 Answers

Why do you want to work at UPS?

3 Answers

Why do you deserve the job?

1 Answer

Very straight forward about whether I could be able to handle the physical aspects of the job.

1 Answer

Can you lift 70 pounds on your own?

1 Answer

What would the three primary aspects of work would you prioritize?

1 Answer

Can you be on your feet for up to 5 hours or more?

1 Answer

What would you do if you saw a fellow employee slacking off on the job?

1 Answer
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