Physicist Job Description

What is a Physicist?

A physicist works to explain how forces, structures and phenomena affect the natural world. This position requires extensive amounts of research to produce reports and technical papers that contribute to the industry at large as well as lecturing and teaching students about the laws of physics. The typical career progression of a physicist is into the position of a Chief Medical Physicist within the organization.

A bachelor's degree in physics is the minimum educational requirement to be a physicist with a master's degree or doctorate degree required to teach at a collegiate level. As part of the job, extensive research is required and therefore a good candidate for the position will possess excellent research and reporting skills with an expectation for exceptional verbal and written communications. Other skills include possessing great analytical and problem-solving skills that will assist in the writing of research papers and reports.

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Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Physicist

  • Conduct research on forces, structures and phenomena that affect the natural world
  • Focus research efforts in an appointed specialized field within the realms of physics
  • Plan and take control over the path of research and experiments to collate and gather relevant data
  • Create a hypothesis for each research based on methodology and expectations
  • Evaluate experiment results and perform quality control tests
  • Report findings into reports and presentations
  • Contribute to and assist with technical research papers
  • Lecture and teach students about the laws of physics according to curriculum

Qualifications for Physicist

  • Master's degree or doctorate in physics preferred
  • Strong understanding of the laws of physics
  • Strong aptitude for mathematics, calculus and trigonometry
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional presentation and reporting skills
  • Enthusiastic and passionate about physics
  • Great analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent research and data gathering skills
  • Able to sit in front of a computer to perform research for long hours at a time

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