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Python Programmer/Physicist was asked...June 29, 2016

About my thesis

1 Answers

I tried to explained what I did for my MSc. thesis. The interviews said "understood" several times, but the report from the HR said I didn't explain the concept "correctly". Less


Perform a physics problem on the whiteboard

1 Answers

with help i was able to get an anwser


Where would you ike to be in 5 years ?

1 Answers

Empty question requires empty answer, bla, bla, bla

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Typically, questions surrounded technical content of the interview talk and also probed the expected area of expertise if this is not identical to the technical talk.

1 Answers

The interviewers seem to appreciate honesty and healthy discussion of various questions. Research-related questions sometimes do not have pat answers so some discussion is needed. That seemed to work ok. Less

GE HealthCare
Physicist was asked...February 6, 2022

Q: Can you describe what part of a SPECT imaging system ensures the spatial specificity of the image?

1 Answers

The collimator, which allows only photons with the correct trajectory angle to enter the detector. Less


regular work experience

1 Answers

reasonable ok

The Technology Partnership

Which is bigger, e^pi or pi^e?

1 Answers

Consider the function f(x)=e^x-x^e and examine its behaviour (turning points etc.). You can show that it is always greater than zero for x>0, so e^x is bigger. Less

Applied Materials

We know from elementary physics that if a point charge is moving in the X direction, in an area where there is a magnetic field in the Z direction, the charge will move in a circle because of the lorentz force. Now, lets say that the charge has zero velocity, and an observer moving in the -X direction is looking at our point charge. He will see the charge moving in the +X direction, inside the magnetic field, in a straight line. How is this possible in light of the lorentz force?

1 Answers

The answer is that our observer will observe a different field than in the rest frame. We have to transform the electromagnetic tensor in order to know exactly what field the observer will see. In this case the observer will see an additional electric field that will cancel the effect of the lorentz force. Less


What does the circuit in this diagram do?

1 Answers

Diagram was of an x-ray generator. I did not know this but was able to identify several components and explain what they do/how they work - e.g. transformers, feedback loops etc... Less

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

What is your salary expectation?

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I had researched the position and said I would appreciate a competitive compensation in lieu of the job responsibilities. (Ideal pay for this job in pharma industry is $110-120K), However I stated that because DFCI is a reputed AND non-profit organization, I am flexible on salary. I had expected them to pay at least 90-100K as that is what is listed on Glassdoor for this position at DFCI. Their eventual offer after much negotiations was MUCH lower than that. Less

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