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  • For InternationalVolunteerDay we are taking a look at two service-learning projects where approx. 120 of our employees helped communities in Mexico have consistent access to clean water. http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vM248

    Flex improves access to clean water for communities in Mexico | Flex

    This year is a milestone for Flex, marking 50 years of innovation and partnerships around the world. During our five decades in business, we've maintained a commitment to foster inclusive, quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. That's why it was natural for us to take our celebration to communities in Mexico, where we led two service-learning projects.

  • For the 3rd consecutive year, we hosted our People with Disabilities Awareness programs during the first two weeks of October. Our employees always go above and beyond when participating in our sustainability and diversity events. Read about some of them http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vML3i

    Flex observes International Persons with Disabilities Day 2019 | Flex

    A large part of our success is due to the diversity of our teams. With approximately 177,000 employees spread across 30 countries, we find great strength in different perspectives. We are proud of the experiences our employees bring to projects and aim to provide everyone a seat at the table.

  • New audio and voice technologies are transforming our daily lives, from driving safer to improving wellness and productivity. Find out how we are helping. http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMLw2

    The audio innovations heard across industries | Flex

    New audio and voice technologies are delivering unexpected transformations to daily life - from making driving safer to improving wellness and productivity. Consumers are beginning to expect these conveniences from their products and services. Whether it's through a joint design partnership (JDM) or a manufacturing engagement, we can help you deliver the latest voice and audio innovations - no matter what industry you're in.

  • On November 5th, our Indirect Procurement Team was announced as the winner of the Supply Chain Excellence’s Award for Supply Chain Strategy and Design. Read more about the honor here http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vML7W

    Supply Chain Excellence Award 2019 | Flex

    Flex's Indirect Procurement Team has won the Supply Chain Excellence's Award for Supply Chain Strategy and Design. On November 5th, Flex's Chief Procurement Officer Lynn Torrel and the Vice President of Indirect Procurement Aurea Jimenez had the opportunity to attend the event in person to accept the award.

  • See how we helped the award winning HYPERVSN take mind-blowing 3D holographic experiences from the lab out into the world for everyone to experience. http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMLH9

    Taking a mind-blowing 3D holographic experience from the lab to the world | Flex

    HYPERVSN Solo is an advanced technology used to create awe-inspiring holographic 3D digital signage campaigns, holographic billboards, digital out-of-home media, activation events and digital point of sale displays. "A 3D content experience that engages people's hearts and blows their minds" Combining hardware and software to produce an impressive holographic 3D image which appears to hover in the air, HYPERVSN Solo can display media up to 75cm in size.

  • We are excited to partner with Arch Systems and get real-time access to and #analysis of manufacturing data at our facilities. This will further help us drive production efficiencies, process automation and predictive analytics. http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMDyY

    Arch Systems partners with Flex for manufacturing data transformation

    San Jose, Calif., November 19, 2019 -- Arch Systems, provider of a leading machine-data-sensing platform compatible with both legacy and new industrial machines, today announced an agreement with Flex, the global supply chain and manufacturing company, to supply real-time access to and analysis of manufacturing data at its facilities.

  • Our 6th FlexFunFacts takes us global http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMuf5

    Global locations | Flex

    Flex global locations.

  • Our 5 FunFlexFacts shows how things have really changed in 38 years, but we’re still pioneering through manufacturing Flex50years http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMufX

    Product manufacturing | New manufacturing tech to build a prototype | Flex

    From NPI to global expansion - we'll help you take your product from a unit of one, to one of many. We build high-mix products from the lowest volumes to full-scale manufacturing.

  • Here's how our deep technical experience and global resources can help the 46% of datacenter architects say they want to improve TCO. http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMHhh

    Deploy cloud data center infrastructure while reducing your total cost of ownership | Flex

    Minimizing the lifetime cost of your high-performance cloud data center is a priority for all data center architects. In fact, 46 percent say "improving TCO" is their most important objective (Gartner). Innovative leaders optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) by improving their deployment methods and incorporating new more powerful technologies as soon they are introduced.

  • More people waiting for same and next-day deliveries at home means distribution experts are turning to autonomous delivery tech to handle the demand. Because of this it’s only a matter of time before autonomy rules the road. Are you ready? http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMH6m

    Autonomous delivery | AI autonomous vehicles | Ecommerce penetration

    Freight shipping methods look very different than they did ten years ago. Same-hour, same-day and next-day delivery are the new normal. The changes stem from a worldwide increase in e-commerce penetration and a decline of in-person shopping trips. With no sign of slowing down, distribution professionals need to invest in autonomous delivery technology.

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