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  • MathWorks listed as one of the awesome companies hiring for tech roles!

    15 Awesome Companies Hiring for Technical Roles

    If you work in a technical field, you probably already know how in-demand your skill set is. With nearly every company becoming a tech company, there is an ever-increasing need for those who can analyze data, build software, optimize operations and more.

  • We're thrilled to be named one of the Best Software Companies 2019!

    Best Software Companies 2019 | G2 Crowd

    G2 Crowd's list of the Best Software Companies 2019, based on data from real users & real reviews. See the top Best Software Companies 2019 determined by feedback from those who know software companies best-their customers.

  • MathWorks Galway is adding 85 new jobs to support EMEA sales and service

    MathWorks adds 85 new jobs in Galway

    MathWorks will expand its Galway workforce in 2019. Engineering software maker MathWorks has revealed that it plans to create 85 new jobs in the year ahead. 20 of the positions are currently available and the remaining ones will be created throughout 2019.

  • As one of the area's largest tech companies, MathWorks is looking for more talent than ever!

    MathWorks, a Natick software firm to add 2,000 local jobs within five years - The Boston Globe

    Three decades ago, Jack Little made a fateful decision to move his software startup from Silicon Valley to Massachusetts in search of engineering talent. Now, the MathWorks president is looking for more talent than ever - as his company has become one of the state's largest tech firms. MathWorks nearly doubles its office space Monday with the opening of its new Lakeside campus in Natick, where Boston Scientific's old headquarters once stood.

  • See how MATLAB solved the Yanny vs. Laurel debate!

    The "laurel" vs. "yanny" debate... Did someone tamper with the sound file?

    The "laurel" versus "yanny" debate is everywhere this week. Even has joined the discussion by renaming market sentiment. The bulls are now team laurel and the bears joined team yanny. Spoiler alert: the sound file is from an online pronunciation of laurel . Yup... team laurel wins.

  • This robotic hand is drumming up super-human capabilities thanks to AI and MATLAB

    With one hand and three drumsticks, "Cyborg Drummer" wants to take his music on tour

    Jason Barnes had wanted to be a professional drummer since he was a teenager. At age 22, Barnes lost his arm after an industrial accident at work. The accident occurred three days before Barnes was set to audition for the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM).

  • This amazing 14-year-old helps design prosthetic hand with MATLAB!

    Future Scientist in Training! - The quest for a life-like prosthetic hand - Medium

    This is a guest post from Ella Ramage, who spent a week with us on work experience, helping us prepare for the exhibit. Hello! My name is Ella and for the past week, I have been doing work experience, here, at Keele University.

  • Machine learning and dolphins are being used to gauge the health of the oceans

    Machine learning algorithm identifies dolphins in the wild by their echolocation clicks

    The New York Times recent article, Tracking Dolphins With Algorithms You Might Find on Facebook, described how researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography created a machine learning algorithm that has the potential to track and identify dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. The algorithm was designed to identify the species of dolphins from recordings of their echolocation clicks.

  • Scientists prove just how dirty crawling is using this robot baby and MATLAB.

    Creepy, crawly robot baby shows just how much bio-gunk babies inhale

    Researchers at Purdue University designed a crawling robot baby to determine how much dirt, bacteria, pollen and fungal spores babies inhale as they move through their indoor, carpeted environments. The robot looks more like a legless, tinfoil-encased baby cyclops than an adorable toddler, but the design worked well.

  • See how MATLAB is being used to help determine the severity of concussions.

    Concussions, TBI, the NFL and Science

    With players (and fans!) gearing up for the Super Bowl this weekend, it's a good time to look back at the concerns revolving around concussions and contact sports. It's definitely on the minds of Patriots fans, as they wait to see if Rob Gronkowski will be able to play in the big game.

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