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Company Updates

  • Meet Chris, User Aquisition Analyst at MobilityWare! This mathematician is not only smart but an award winning ping pong player! Check out his interview below!

    Meet Chris Nguyen, User Acquisition Analyst!

    How long have you worked for MobilityWare?About 1.5 years now. How did you get into User Aquisition?I was headhunted from my previous role as a QA Analyst at a Biotech company specializing in dental lasers. What made you decide to work for MobilityWare?I loved the culture and the people.

  • Meet Natasha, Associate Marketing Manager at MobilityWare! Natasha speaks about her road to Marketing and has a very interesting bucketlist!

  • Check out our very own Yelena, Product Marketing Manager, in this latest write up by PocketGamer!! Learn what it takes to get into the industry and Product Marketing!

    Jobs in Games: MobilityWare's Yelena Grant on how to get a job as a Product Marketing Manager

    People It takes a great number of individuals working together in various disciplines to make any commercial enterprise function. The mobile games industry is certainly no exception, offering dynamic and diverse roles to thousands the world over.

  • Meet Ion Hardie, Sr. Audio Producer at MobilityWare! Ion is an industry vet with LOTS of great advice for anyone trying to get into the industry! Check out this great read!

    Meet Ion Hardie - Sr. Audio Produer

    How long have you worked for MobilityWare? Since February of 2016How did you get into Audio Design? I started a game company with some friends of mine back in 1997, and one of the things we needed was sound effects. I was already the level designer and PR person, so why not the sound guy?

  • Check out our latest blog post on Game Jam 4! Game Jam is our version of a hackathon! We 'shut down' the studio for a week, work in different teams to develop the next greatest games!!



  • Meet Aric, Sr. Producer at MobilityWare! Learn about his journey to becoming producer, plus you'll be guaranteed some laughs along the way!

    Meet Aric McGhee, Sr. Producer!

    How long have you worked for MobilityWare?9 monthsHow did you get into Production?I originally got into the gaming industry as an artist, but the company I worked for outsourced all art to China. The company gave me a choice of being laid off or trying my hand at being an Associate Producer.

  • Our latest interviewee- the pizza lovin, Paintball All Star, Super Smash Brother fan, Game Developer: Richard Creencia! Check out Richard's interview:

    Meet Richard Creencia, Software Engineer II!

    How long have you worked for MobilityWare?4 yearsHow did you get into Game Development?Started college with no idea what I wanted to do for a career so I started taking classes in a wide variety of disciplines. I took an 'Intro To Computer Science' class by chance and I had a "Eureka" moment where everything just felt right.

  • Meet the gaming loving Associate Live Operations Manager from New York, Caryn Heller! Get a glimpse into the world of LiveOps!

  • Meet Matt Palmer, Game Designer at MobilityWare! Matt has been with us for 5 years and has some great industry advice. Learn all about the always smiling Matty P!

    Meet Matt Palmer - Associate Game Designer!

    How long have you worked for MobilityWare?5 YearsHow did you get into Game Design?My first job tech job was at Mobilityware! I was hired as an engineer, but after 4 years of programming I decided my passions were in Design and transferred over to being a Game Designer.What made you decide to work for MobilityWare?During a Job Fair, John Libby (one of the two founders) was the only person to tell me my product was terrible [sic] haha.

  • Meet Jeanelle Castro, Associate Product Marketing Manager. Learn how Jeanelle took her love for gaming to a whole new level at MobilityWare!

    Meet Jeanelle Castro, Associate Product Marketing Manager

    How long have you worked for MobilityWare?I’ve been working at MobilityWare for a little over 2 yearsHow did you get into Marketing?My initial career interest in college was to pursue accounting, but I knew I wanted a career where I could apply more of my creative side.

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