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  • Shopping for a good cause? Oh yes! Check out the last Stylight Thrift Shop on our blog!

    Stylight Thrift Shop: Shopping For A Good Cause - Inside Stylight

    Yes, it's that time of the year again: Christmas is approaching fast and we're all very much in the mood for giving and receiving of course. And what could be a better way to satisfy this desire? You are right: a charity flea market! Shopping for a good cause - who could ask for more?

  • Talent hunting, team events and much more - Discover what's behind the role of a People & Organization Manager -

    Under The Desk of a... Human Resources Manager

    In our mission to clarify exactly what Stylighters are doing across all departments, it's time to reveal all secrets about our People & Organization Team.

  • Instagram vs Snapchat: Who came out on top this SS17 fashion week?

    Fashion Week Stories: Instagram vs Snapchat - Inside Stylight

    In August 2016 Instagram disrupted the Story telling landscape with a new feature, describing it as photos and videos that ‘disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed’; sounds familiar, no? Since then there has been a noticeable shift of content from Snapchat and Instagram (and viceversa), and it was never more noticeable than at the social media haven that is fashion week.

  • There are two sides to every Stylighter - Get to know Miriam and her content marketing knockout!

    Out Of Hours With...Miriam - Inside Stylight

    There are two sides to every Styligher and in our last instalment of 'Out of hours with...' we present you Miriam, working within the Global Brand Marketing team and passionate about kickboxing! Discover her content marketing knockout...

  • It's back-to-school season! On Inside Stylight we share 6 books that can boost your work day performance -

    6 Books That Can Boost Your Working Life - Inside Stylight

    It's back-to-school season! On Inside Stylight we share 6 books that can boost your work day performance,

  • Aiming to boost your productivity after the Summer holidays? Check out our top three time management techniques for office workers on Inside Stylight!

    Top Three Time Management Techniques | Inside Stylight

    After the vacation month, it is time to tidy up your desk, get a coffee and come back to the office! If you want to go through all that without suffering from post-vacational blues, take a look at our top 3 management techniques for office workers which will not only boost your productivity but also smooth your return into work!

  • Ready to reinvent your business? Check out our 5 top tactics to hype your business strategy from the "Trial & Error Method" to international teams on Inside Stylight -

    5 Tactics to Hype Your Business Strategy | Inside Stylight

    Ready to take the next step and reinvent your business model? At Stylight we've collected 5 tactics to successfully hype your business strategy, from the "Trial & Error method" to emotional tactics. Check it out and let's hype!

  • What's life like as a trainee at Stylight? Our very first trainee, Julia Reger, reveals all the details about her experience within the Brand Marketing team.

    Unveiling the Story of a Trainee at Stylight - Inside Stylight

    After the and in our aim to keep investing in the best lifestyle ecommerce professionals, we launched the Stylight Talents Program Stylight Trainee Program with the goal to provide graduates with practical experience within an international e-commerce environment. Up for the challenge?

  • Reports, data and figures. Wondering what the job of a Business Analyst looks like? Check it out in our third instalment of "Under the Desk" on Inside Stylight!

    Under the desk of a Business Analyst

    Welcome to our third instalment of "Under the Desk" with Stefan, Business Analyst at Stylight! Wondering how it is to work surrounded by figures, data and reports? Get to know him and his passion for Spanish food...

  • Let's celebrate the upcoming Stylight Summer Wiesn together on the 27th August at P1 Club in the heart of Munich! Grab your tickets ​now​:

    Summer Wiesn 2016 | Stylight

    The Bavarian (and best) way to celebrate summer. None of us want the summer to end, but the Oktoberfest still seems an age away, fear not we've got just the thing. That's right, grab your Wiesn gear and celebrate the neverending summer with us!

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