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  • Have a 2020 resolution to do HR better? Check out this Forbes article by our Chief People Officer, Tracy Cote.


    Demystifying HR For Small Businesses

    When I tell people I'm in HR, I typically get one of two kinds of replies based on their experience with the profession. The first, and most common, is the inevitable joke about the policy police, with the exclamation "I'd better watch what I say around you!"

  • Jason Fletcher, our Director of Finance & Risk, wrote an insightful blog post about how we work with our customers to ensure reliable payroll for their employees.


    Payroll Integrity and Fraud Protection: A Shared Responsibility | Zenefits

    Payroll is the most central personal issue for working Americans as well as what drives business and powers the economy. Payroll is the most central personal issue for working Americans as well as what drives business and powers the economy.

  • Our CEO and Chairman at Zenefits, Jay Fulcher, on how to Commit to a Growth Mindset


    Committing to a Growth Mindset with Jay Fulcher, CEO and Chairman of Zenefits

    What's the key principal in building a company that is resilient? Jay Fulcher, CEO and chairman of Zenefits, shares his insight.

  • Zenefits Predicts the State of Small Businesses in 2020


    The Zenefits Crystal Ball: State of Small Business in 2020 | Zenefits

    At Zenefits, we're 100% focused on removing or reducing the staffing challenges that small and mid-size businesses face, whether it's smarter hiring, choosing the right health benefits, fairly compensating a diverse staff or ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • A Zenefits survey was cited in this article about workplace trends and the unhealthy mentality employees have with requesting and taking time off of work


    Americans have a psychologically twisted relationship with paid time off

    It's official: Capitalism has overtaken our souls. Two out of five workers feel guilty for taking paid time off, according to a new survey by Zenefits. This is alarming, given that "time off" is code for your real life.

  • Zenefits study found 88% of employees said flexible work arrangements made them feel more productive at work, while 73% said flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction in their job.


    A time-management expert reveals the most important quality a job can have for keeping you happy at work

    Giving workers autonomy and flexibility over when, how, and where they work is one of the biggest things employers can do to keep their employees happy, says Laura Vanderkam, a time-management expert. Doing so can boost employee satisfaction both when it comes to their job and their life in general, according to Vanderkam.

  • Our Senior Director of Enablement, Briana Lafferty, wrote this blog post outlining the best practices for tech implementation.


    Why Tech Implementations Fail and What We Do to Ensure Success | Zenefits

    To thrive in a highly competitive landscape, companies must stay relevant, efficient, and agile. To thrive in a highly competitive landscape, companies must stay relevant, efficient, and agile. To do this, businesses often lean on technology solutions. What happens, though, when those solutions fail?

  • Our Head of Security, Keith McCartney, talks data privacy in this Zenefits blog post!


    It's 2020: Do You Know Where Your Data Is? | Zenefits

    The days when a company's most sensitive and essential data could be stored in a few file cabinets at headquarters are long gone. This post is one in a series designed to help Zenefits customers and other small and medium-sized businesses keep their company secure and ready to do business.

  • It's been a couple years, but when Kevin Marasco, our Chief Marketing Officer first joined Zenefits he penned an open letter with the reasons why he took the job. It's just as relevant now as it was then. Thanks for being a big part of ZenNation, Kevin!


  • Our SVP of Engineering, Souvik Das, discusses Zenefits’ efforts to build platforms for SMBs that provide insights which can be leveraged to help operators be more forward-thinking with business decisions on this podcast with Change Wave.


    ‎Change Wave: Zenefits: Souvik Das on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Souvik is responsible for the development, management, and execution of Zenefits' engineering vision and roadmap. Before Zenefits, Souvik served as SVP of engineering at healthcare technology company Grand Rounds, where he built and scaled an enterprise-grade engineering organization. Before Grand R...

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