Academic Advisor Job Description

What is an Academic Advisor?

An academic advisor works with students in secondary and post-secondary education settings. The role requires the advisor to keep a precise record of a students' academic progress and meet with students periodically to provide feedback and guidance toward successful completion of a degree program. Depending on the institution, academic advisors may work with students in a select few programs and may specialize in providing guidance toward certain degrees, or may offer advice to a more general group of students.

Academic advisors should have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. Although a specific degree program is not required, degrees in education or counseling are highly preferred for this career. Advanced degrees in educational leadership or counseling may also be necessary, particularly for post-secondary academic advisors. Successful academic advisors should have strong communication skills and be highly organized.

Academic Advisor Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Academic Advisor

  • Keep precise records of student coursework.
  • Schedule and meet regularly with advisees.
  • Study necessary paths to degree attainment, depending on discipline and educational level.
  • Assist students in course registration.
  • Provide counseling for students working with difficult courses or life challenges that may interrupt degree completion.
  • Provide written documentation upon request.
  • Transfer necessary documents to different departments, schools, or districts upon request.
  • Effectively communicate institutional standards for graduation.

Qualifications for Academic Advisor

  • Master's degree in education or counseling as required by hiring institution
  • No experience necessary for entry-level positions
  • Most be highly organized and capable of handling multiple caseloads
  • Knowledge of database software (such as Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Functional knowledge of Microsoft Office tools
  • Strong communication skills
  • Effective listening skills
  • The ability to work with a diverse group of students of different ages
  • Proven ability to work independently

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