Universal Banker Job Description

What is an Universal Banker?

A universal banker is a newer role in the financial industry and is quickly growing in popularity. They are specially trained and equipped to handle a wide range of tasks related to banking and can manage sensitive financial customer requests from beginning to end. The position was created in order to meet the demand for ease of use when interacting with banking representatives. To do this, a universal banker reduces the required steps to as few as possible and can supply full-scale banking assistance with no need to transfer service to other departments.

A universal banker is required to have a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Exceptional abilities in mathematics are beneficial and many employees seek candidates with courses taken in Business Math or Principles of Banking. As the responsibilities associated with the position are more than that of a traditional bank teller, a can-do attitude and customer focused outlook are attributes of employees who succeed in the position.

Universal Banker Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Universal Banker

  • Open accounts for new customers and prepare new account paperwork, applications and request the required identification
  • Identify the needs of new and existing customers and offer appropriate services currently available
  • Provide additional information to customers regarding promotions, contests and new account options
  • Promote and upsell credit cards available through the financial industry as well as and banking services to current and potential customers
  • Assist in community awareness events to increase bank outreach and foster new business opportunities
  • Answer questions and customer concerns regarding checking and savings accounts
  • Proactively identify and inform customers of account status deficiencies and disputed transactions while providing options to resolve
  • Process and post various loan payments, record information in the database and issue a receipt confirming the transaction

Qualifications for Universal Banker

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Professional certificate or bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance or Business is preferred
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and the ability to speak and concisely
  • Ability to use time and resources efficiently in order to accomplish tasks
  • Professional experience anticipating common customer concerns and analyzing current procedures and processes for available improvements
  • Experience in efficient personal organization and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks
  • Thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail while seeking to identify and correct banking errors
  • Ability to express written concepts clearly and concisely using correct banking forms and paperwork when required
  • Experience seeking to improve and develop new process and ideas related to daily banking tasks

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