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How would rate your memory?


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Very good! I remember faces very well and learn names shortly thereafter.

Interview Candidate on Mar 18, 2012

What was the question? :p

Anonymous on Jan 11, 2013

I am Not Judgemental sorry ;-)

Kaushal Chawda on Jan 13, 2013

An elephant never forgets, but I am no elephant.

Alan on Jan 17, 2013

I would most likely follow it up with a question of mine..

what's the scale?

Drj on Jan 17, 2013

What? I forgot what you said, could you repeat that?

Jason on Jan 17, 2013

Great. I can't think of anything I have forgotten.

Tia on Jan 17, 2013

I cannot, because I do not know how much I have forgotten.

ektormelendez on Jan 17, 2013

Quirky, strongly contextual, and quite good.

J. Acklin on Jan 17, 2013

Oh god, I used to know this...

Allan on Jan 17, 2013

On a scale of 1-10, and do you mean now, or 10 years ago?

Shane on Jan 17, 2013

4.1 standard deviation above mean population

Anonymous on Jan 17, 2013

I use search tools to locate stored facts, so that I can save my memory for understanding the people I interact with.

jake3_14 on Jan 18, 2013

Well, I can assure you I'll never forget being asked this question!

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2013

My memory has always been very highly rated... near as I can recall.

matthew on Jan 23, 2013


dewooded on Jan 23, 2013

Good enough to support my logic in whatever I need it.

Paul Tudor Oprea on Jan 23, 2013

5 STARS out of 5

KS in NYC on Jan 23, 2013

Good enough to recall most of what is really is important to me.

Management lives for the company. They need to do whatever it takes to make the company stay in the green, and their education grants them that right..
We, on the other hand, live because of the company. We put in the hours so to be with our family, friends, and loved ones. We, the worker, have access to a love that soothes, rewards in little ways, guides us with treasures, and saddens us with tears.

Management lives with stress, fewer cherished memories, loss of growing up with their children, and a lost bond of both their partner and young ones.
I am very fortunate for the love and the memories.

Raven on Jan 25, 2013

2GB RAM it works gud :p

Sachin Modi on Jan 26, 2013

4 on 5

neha jagare on Jan 27, 2013

it depends on situation and thing if it is useful it will be in my memory and if its worthless then i have a poor memory

cutepie on Jan 28, 2013

i strickly remember what i learned in my past and present..

prasant ku. rout on Jan 31, 2013

I have a great memory. Unfortunately that means that I also have a lot of useless facts stored there too.

Ken on Feb 14, 2013

Actually, to be truthful, sometimes I have a tendency to be forgetful of day to day details - especially when I am focused on an immediate task at hand. Fortunately, there are some great CRMs out there and I rely heavily on Outlook to keep me scheduled and on track.

I do, however, have a great memory for concepts and ideas and can draw on those memories to quickly draw relationships and develop overarching strategy - which, of course is my value add for the company.

Anon on Apr 21, 2013

I rate it high because things have more value when it's not used much

Anand on Jun 9, 2013

selective :D i only remember important things. do away with the unnecessary ones.

Gloria Fatima on Sep 7, 2013

Very good and very short. What was your name?

Mongo only pawn on Oct 2, 2013

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