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You will be asked to write a function that returns a List of the latest 10 of Purchased Item from the following classes: public class Order { public int Id { get; set; } public DateTime OrderDate { get; set; } public List<LineItem> LineItems { get; set; } } public class LineItem { public int ProductId { get; set; } public int Id { get; set; } } public class PurchasedItem { public int OrderId { get; set; } public DateTime PurchasedDate { get; set; } public int ProductId { get; set; } }

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public List GetLast10PurchasedItems(List orders, int orderId) { //return (from o in orders // from i in o.LineItems // where o.Id == orderId // orderby o.OrderDate descending // select new PurchasedItem() // { // OrderId = o.Id, // PurchasedDate = o.OrderDate, // ProductId = i.ProductId // }).Take(10).ToList(); return orders .Where(m =&gt; m.Id == orderId) .OrderByDescending(m =&gt; m.OrderDate) .Take(10) .SelectMany(o =&gt; o.LineItems, (a, b) =&gt; new PurchasedItem() { OrderId = a.Id, PurchasedDate = a.OrderDate, ProductId= b.ProductId }) .ToList(); }

You will be asked to write a function that returns a max integer from array of integer and array of object.

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Do you have your own blog?

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Do you play any instrument?

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A book is available at a local store for $20 in the hard cover edition or $10 in paperback. The book can also be obtained from a mail-order service at 30% off list, plus $1 for postage and handling. How much more will it cost to buy the hard cover edition mail order than to but the paperback edition at the local store?

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What are your stronger skills

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personal Information

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Interview suggestions: (1) There were several ways to accomplish a task programmatically. Do not get offended if the interviewer insisted that his way or his method was the best. The interviewer may say it should have done this way, not that way. (2) You were expected to spell out the exact syntax during interview. Having a good knowledge of the concept is not sufficient. In my opinion, how you can remember every .Net function and Linq syntax.. You can always check MSDN documentation of the syntax as long as you understand the concept correctly. (3) The interviewer loves asking .Net delegate, Func, Action, Linq, inheritance, and polymorphism. In my opinion, the interviewer thinks as long as you master these topics, you can do the job. (4) The interviewer is so proud of code optimization or code challenge. Pay attention on the following optimization. private void DoStuffGeneric(Action<MyClass> a) { using (var context = new ConfigurationContext()) { MyClass c = new MyClass(); a(c); context.SaveChanges(); } } private void DoStuff1() {DoStuffGeneric(c => {c.Do1();});} private void DoStuff2() {DoStuffGeneric(c => {c.Do2();});} public class MyClass {public void Do1() { } public void Do2() { } }

Why did you leave such-and-such place? I get the feeling her clients want 5 or 10 year positions on their resume, and that is all they care about.

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Question was not difficult, but he attitude was different

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