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What is the difference between a mutex and a monitor

1 Answer

Mutex can span across the appdomain/process, where as Monitor is light weight and its scope is with in the appdomain

Nothing too difficult, I just found interviewing six people at the same time a bit overwhelming.

1 Answer

Lots of off-putting statements by second interviewer like, "What do you got for me?" and "you got a thing for startups?"

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How would you design a web site?

1 Answer

I can't honestly remember. It was quite long ago, but if memory serves, it was a question on threading that stumped me, since I hadn't done much of it, and most of my experience had been web based.

you have 3 presorted very large arrays. Find the first common element amongst them. No duplicates in each of the array.

Asked to write a small app on the spot that printed out fibonacci numbers. I was about 95% there and there was 1 line of code I needed help with.

The code interview involved recursion, interfaces, generics and extension methods. I managed to obtain the correct answer, however this was not enough to get the job. Advanced JavaScript design questions also passed, however still not enough. Very strange...

How would you design an mobile app for a pet shop? (The interviewer explained the details and ask me to draw it on a paper)

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