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Sequence of numbers in random order and 1 of them is missing how to find that out...

5 Answers

N(N+1)/2 - sum of the input = missing number

It isn't stated that sequence starts from 1. The sequence could be 8,9,5,6!

If the sequence is guaranteed to contain only positive integers, it can be done like so: Read in the sequence, noting the MIN and MAX numbers. The sum IF it started from 1 would be MAX(MAX-1)/2. The sum of the 'missing' numbers (from 1 up to where the sequence actually starts) is (MIN-1)*MIN/2. The missing number is given by taking the difference between the two: X = [MAX*(MAX-1) - (MIN-1)*MIN]/2.

int a=3, b=5 cout<<a & b<< a | b << a && b << a || b;

2 Answers

5 adjacent parking spots. whats the probability 2 cars next to each other

2 Answers

Something to do with void main().

2 Answers

1.Question on finding string with wild charcter in other string. 2. SQL database question 3. UI question using jason 4. Backend question using angular

1 Answer

What strategies for opening new markets would you bring to the table?

1 Answer

C++ Polymorphism

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What was the most difficult retail experience I have dealt with?

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DIfference between TCP and UDP socket programming

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Designing a recursive function, it was not difficult. But i was not sufficiently prepared. String builder vs string? wpf development. Language of Strength.

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