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What happens when you reach your goal?

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One never reaches their goal. It is a moving target that changes as you move up the ladder and gain more experience.

Questions relating to how you would react to situations and how you can relate to it through your experience. Questions about my resume. When was a time that you worked the hardest in your life? Why did you choose your degree? If you have two disputing parties how would you manage the situation without taking sides? If you need to meet a deadline based on a third party contribution and you have not heard from them in a while what would you do? Why and what would you like to gain through working at Vista Solar? What kind of people can you absolutely not work with?

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What do you expect from Stryker? (e.g workplace culture)

I cannot say if there was a difficult question. I was honest with my answers. In all, this company is looking for good customer service. If you can exhibit qualities that you can serve others, then you have a good chance of being hired as an engineer.

Where would you prefer to work?

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I was asked about my design and past work experience.

Technical Questions -What do you think it takes to build a transition tower/ Describe the process. -What Codes and Standards do you think are used to build transmission Towers. Behavioral questions Using the STAR format answer -describe a time when you had do deal with people from different backgrounds -Describe a time when you had to deal with an ethical issue/ or time management issue. -Describe a time when you had to deal with a safety issue or what have you done to implement safety in your work. -Describe a time when you have gone above and beyond to perform well.

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