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Would you turn your friend in for stealing a bag of chips?

3 Answers


hell no!

Yes because yourself and your co-workers are representative for the company, so when ur co-worker steal from there own company it just doesn't make the company look bad but also the team working at that company.

There was no difficult question. The person that I met with told me she was uncomfortable doing this by herself and read standard questions from a piece of a paper. It was a waste of time,as I was never able to interview with someone responsible for hiring.

1 Answer

Nothing really "difficult", Interviewer asked me to proceed through taking him through an entire strategic sourcing activity that I managed in the past, most were screening questions

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PWR is a engineering base company, the most unexpected question ask of me in my position was can you relate to union employees and thier contact issues.

1 Answer

Why MemoryBlue? why software sales?

1 Answer

Sell me a pen.

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Are you a good leader? How have you used/learned leadership in your school (college) projects and classes?

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wat is your name

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The usual questions - why do you want to work for Tesla; give me a summary of your professional career; where do you see yourself in 5 year, etc.

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Gets EXTREMELY boring after a while.

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